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The Marriage Garden: Cultivating Your Relationship so it Grows and Flourishes



The Marriage Garden: Cultivating Your Relationship so it Grows and Flourishes

H. Wallace Goddard, James P. Marshall

ISBN: 978-0-470-54761-8 April 2010 Jossey-Bass 224 Pages


Practical steps for making marriage last a lifetime
  • Two noted relationship experts Wally Goddard and James Marshall offer down-to-earth advice for any couple who wants to strengthen their marriage and make it last a lifetime. In this important book the authors outline their six-step program-commit, grow, nurture, understand, solve, and serve-that has proven to be effective. Using a bountiful garden as a metaphor for a healthy marriage, the book encourages couples to invest time in growing their relationship, shine the light of encouragement on each other, deal with "bugs" and "thorns," and share time and resources to make the whole world blossom.
  • Shows how to turn differences into blessings and transform difficult times into rewarding experiences
  • Authors are part of the National Extension Marriage and Education Network

An honest and accurate look at relationships that offers couples a solid foundation for nurturing and growing their love.


A Note from the Authors.

Introduction: Welcome to the Marriage Garden!

1 Commitment: The Choice to Pledge Your Best Efforts.

2 Grow: It Takes Vibrant People to Create Vibrant Relationships.

3 Nurture: Do the Work of Loving.

4 Understand: Cultivate Compassion for Your Partner.

5 Solve: Turn Differences into Blessings.

6 Serve: Give Back to Your Community.

7 Gardening, Harvesting, and Planning for the Future.


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