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The Materials Science of Microelectronics

The Materials Science of Microelectronics

Klaus J. Bachmann

ISBN: 978-0-471-18544-4

Feb 1995

541 pages

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This book offers a concise account of the fundamental principle of solid state chemistry as they pertain the understanding of applications to modern solid state electronics. Coverage addresses a broad range of critical topis, including the relationship among symmetry, chemical bonding and bulk properties, VLSI and VHSIC technologies and solid state chemistry aspects of microelectronics, optical communications, integrated optics and photonics, and many others.
From the Contents:
Symmetry, Bonding and Bulk Properties/
Processes at Solid Surfaces and Interfaces/
Solid State Chemistry Applications in Microelectronics/
Materials Aspects of Optoelectronics/
Magnetic and Superconducting Materials and Devices/
List of References/
Materials Index/
Subject Index/
Symbols and Constants/
Appendix: Elements of Group Theory