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The Maternal Wall: Research and Policy Perspectives on Discrimination Against Mothers

The Maternal Wall: Research and Policy Perspectives on Discrimination Against Mothers

Monica Biernat (Editor), Faye J. Crosby (Editor), Joan C. Williams (Editor), Irene Hanson Frieze (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-13048-6 December 2004 Wiley-Blackwell 248 Pages


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Over the past four or five decades, the feminist revolution has brought a lot of changes. There is a lot of evidence that the glass ceiling is being shattered. For one particular group, however, gender equity remains elusive. That group is working mothers. The problem of the "glass ceiling" has now turned into a related, from different problem: "the maternal wall." In the first Journal of Social Issues (JSI) to deal specifically with the topic of working mothers, scholars from several disciplines discuss a variety of aspects of the problem of the maternal wall.
Preface: Women and Work: Where Are We, Where Did We Come From, and Where Are We Going? Rosalind Chait Barnett.

The Maternal Wall. Faye J. Crosby, Joan C. Williams, and Monica Biernat.

Motherhood as a Status Characteristic. Cecilia L. Ridgeway and Shelley J. Correll.

When Professionals Become Mothers, Warmth Doesn't Cut the Ice. Amy J.C. Cuddy, Susan T. Fiske, and Peter Glick.

The Paradox of the Lesbian Worker Letitia Anne Peplau and Adam Fingerhut.

Mothers and Fathers in the Workplace: How Gender and Parental Status Influence Judgements of Job-Related Competence. Kathleen Fuegen, Monica Biernat, Elizabeth Haines, and Kay Deaux.

Anticipating Work and Family: exploring the Associations Among Gender-Related Ideologies, Values, and Behaviors inLatino and White Families in the United States. Jamie L. Franco, Laura Sabattini, and Faye J. Crosby.

Caregiving Around the Clock: How Women in Nursing Manage Career and Family Demands. Heather E. Bullock and Irma Morales Waugh.

Processes of Change in Work/Home Incompatibilities: Employed Mothers 1986-1999. Linda Beth Tiedje.

Intimate Partner Violence as an Obstacle to Employment Among Mothers Affected by Welfare Reform. Stephanie Riger, Susan L. Staggs, and Paul Schewe.

On Childcare as a Support for Maternal Employment Wages and Hours. Kristen L. Bub and Kathleen McCartney.

The Intuitive Psychologist Behind the Bench: Models of Gender Bias in Social Psychology and Employment Discrimination Law. Linda Hamilton Krieger.

The Public Policy of Motherhood. Joan C. Williams and Holly Cohen Cooper