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The Media of Photography

Diarmuid Costello, Dominic McIver Lopes

ISBN: 978-1-118-26901-5 March 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 300 Pages


Two events in particular occasion this volume on the philosophy of photography: the blurring of boundaries that many took to demarcate photographic technology and practices from other representational and artistic technologies and the invention of digital photography. The purpose of this volume is not to revive older questions by asking what, if anything, still distinguishes photography in the light of these developments, but to consider sundry questions about the materials and tools—or media—of photography from a variety of perspectives.
  • critically examines classic and influential arguments in philosophy of photography
  • addresses recent trends in photographic art, such as conceptualism and appropriation
  • highlights philosophically neglected elements of photographic art, such as performativity and self-portraiture
  • reexamines the role of photographic media in photographic art practices
  • offers new perspectives of the impact of digital technologies on photography
  • explores the relationship between photographic art and photography in other arts (comics and music) and in science
  • brings a range of philosophical methodologies and traditions into dialogue
  • incorporates extended discussions of the work of important photographers and artists who use photography (e.g. Friedlander, Gursky, Lawlor)
  • illustrates philosophical points with reproductions, many of them not widely known
  • closely connects philosophical theory to the details of photographic practice
  • offers original and novel theories of the aesthetic, artistic, and epistemic values of photographs

1. Transparent Representation: Photography and the Art of Casting PETER ALWARD

2. Fiction, Non-fiction and Deceptive Photographic Representation PALOMA ATENCIA-LINARES

3. Facing the Camera: Self-Portraits of Photographers as Artists DAWN PHILLIPS

4. Photography as Performative Process RICHARD SHUSTERMAN

5. Photographic Art: An Ontology Fit to Print CHRISTY MAG UIDHIR

6. Digital Pictures, Sampling and Vagueness: The Ontology of Digital Pictures JOHN ZEIMBEKIS

7. The Macro and the Micro: Andreas Gursky’s Aesthetics BENCE NANAY

8. Artwork and Document in the Photography of Louise Lawler SHERRI IRVIN

9. The Question Concerning Photography DIARMUID COSTELLO


11. Drawings of Photographs in Comics ROY COOK

12. Photography and Knowledge SCOTT WALDEN

13. Depiction, Detection and the Epistemic Value of Photography LAURA PERINI