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The Mesozoic Pacific: Geology, Tectonics, and Volcanism: A Volume in Memory of Sy Schlanger

The Mesozoic Pacific: Geology, Tectonics, and Volcanism: A Volume in Memory of Sy Schlanger

Malcolm S. Pringle (Editor), William W. Sager (Editor), William V. Sliter (Editor), Seth Stein (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66389-9 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 435 Pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 77.

This volume provides an interdisciplinary summary of current research on the history and evolution of the Mesozoic Pacific Ocean. The importance of the work lies in not only describing the early history of the largest modern tectonic plate, but also in studying the geologic record and possible causes of the Cretaceous Greenhouse. Thus, it offers important lessons as we try to understand modern man's impact on the interaction between the atmosphere, oceans, and solid earth.

The idea for this summary originated nearly five years ago, during a discussion between Sy Schlanger and Malcolm Pringle on the need to bring together various groups working on Cretaceous Pacific volcanism. After the untimely death of Sy Schlanger in the summer of 1990, it was decided to dedicate this work to him. Because of the breadth of Sy Schlanger's research and interests, the scope of the volume was broadened from Cretaceous Pacific volcanism in particular to the history of the Mesozoic Pacific Ocean as a whole. It is a testament to Sy's impact on Pacific research that he made a significant contribution to the scientific problems addressed by almost every paper included herein.

M. S. Pringle, W. W. Sager, W. V. Sliter, S. Stein xi

In Memoriam

1 S.O. Schlanger and His Role in Western Pacific Ocean Geology
E. L. Winterer 1

The Mesozoic Ocean

2 Dysoxic/Anoxic Episodes in the Aptian-Albian (Early Cretaceous)
T. J. Bralower, W. V. Sliter, M. A. Arthur, R. M. Leckie, D. Allard, and S. 0. Schlanger 5

The Pacific Ocean Seafloor

I. Bathymeny, Heat Flow, and Seismic Stratigraphy

3 Mesozoic Seafloor Subsidence and the Darwin Rise, Past and Present
G. F. Davies and F. Pribac 39

4 Constraints on Pacific Midplate Swells From Global Depth-Age and Heat Flow -Age Models
C. A. Stein and S. Stein 53

5 Cretaceous Volcanic Sequences and Jurassic Oceanic Crust in the East Mariana and
Pigafetta Basins of the Western Pacific
L. J. Abrams, R. L. Larson, T. H. Shipley, and Y. Lancelot 77

6 Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Oceanic Crust and Early Cretaceous Volcanic Sequences of
the Nauru Basin, Western Pacific
T. H. Shipley, L. J. Abrams, Y. Lancelot, and R. L. Larson 103

7 Topographic Expression of Five Fracture Zones in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean
M. Nakanishi 121

II. Tectonic History of the Late Cretaceous Pacific

8 Fracture Zone Traces Across the North Pacific Cretaceous Quiet Zone and Their Tectonic Implications
T. Atwater, J. Sclater, D. Sandwell, J. Severinghaus, and M. S. Marlow 137

9 The Molokai Fracture Zone Near Hawaii, and the Late Cretaceous Change in Pacific/Farallon
Spreading Direction
R. C. Searle, R. T. Holcomb, J. B. Wilson, M. L. Holmes, R. J. Whittington, E. S. Kappel, B. A. McGregor, and A. N. Shor 155

10 The Nova-Canton Trough and the Late Cretaceous Evolution of the Central Pacific
D. Joseph, B. Taylor, A. N. Shor, and T. Yamazaki 171

Cretaceous Pacific Seamounts and Plateaus

I. Geochronology and Petrology

11 Age Progressive Volcanism in the Musicians Seamounts: A Test of the Hot Spot Hypothesis for
the Late Cretaceous Pacific
M. S. Pringle 187

12 Petrology and Isotope Geochemistry of Lavas From the Line Islands Chain, Central Pacific Basin
M. 0. Garcia, K. -H. Park, G. T. Davis, H. Staudigel, and D. P. Mattey 217

13 Geochemistry and Age of the Ontong Java Plateau
J. J. Mahoney, M. Storey, R. A. Duncan, K. J. Spencer, and M. S. Pringle 233

14 Geochronological Constraints on a Possible Hot Spot Origin for Hess Rise and the
Wentworth Seamount Chain
M. S. Pringle and G. B. Dalrymple 263

15 Early and Late Cretaceous Volcanism and Reef -Building in the Marshall Islands
J. M. Lincoln, M. S. Pringle, and I. Premoli Silva 279

II. Geology and Geophysics of Western Pacific Guyots

16 Cretaceous Guyots in the Northwest Pacific: An Overview of Their Geology and Geophysics
E. L. Win terer, J. H. Nat/and, R. J. van Waasbergen, R. A. Duncan, M. K. McNutt, C. J. Wolfe, I. Premoli Silva, W. W. Sager, and W. V. Sliter 307

17 Summit Geomorphology of Western Pacific Guyots
R. J. van Waasbergen and E. L. Winterer 335

18 Geology and Geomorphology of Wodejebato (Sylvania) Guyot, Marshall Islands
D. D. Bergersen 367

19 A Paleomagnetic Pole and Estimated Age for Lo -En Guyot, Republic of the Marshall Islands
P. C. Bryan, T. Shoberg, R. G. Gordon, K. E. Petronotis, and D. D. Bergersen 387

20 Paleomagnetism of the Japanese and Marcus -Wake Seamounts, Western Pacific Ocean
W. W. Sager, R. A. Duncan, and D. W. Handschumacher 401