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The Molecular Basis of Cellular Defence Mechanisms

The Molecular Basis of Cellular Defence Mechanisms

Gregory R. Bock (Editor), Jamie A. Goode (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51528-0

Sep 2007

260 pages

Select type: O-Book


The field of lymphokine research has grown in parallel to the exciting developments around the two sets of cells which defend the body. While lymphokines are the "property" of immunologists, the molecular regulators of hemopoiesis (CSFs) belong to the hematologists. This book offers the rare opportunity to examine these separate fields of expertise together.
Partial table of contents:

How Do Stem Cells Decide What to Do?

(M. Cross, et al.).

The Structural Basis of the Biological Actions of the GM-CSF Receptor (N. Nicola, et al.).

The Molecular Control of Granulocytes and Macrophages (D. Metcalf).

CSF-deficient Mice—What Have They Taught Us?

(G. Lieschke).

Immunology and Immunity Studied With Viruses (R. Zinkernagel).

Differentiation and Functions of T Cell Subsets (T. Mosmann, et al.).

Control of the Sizes and Contents of Precursor B Cell Repertoires in Bone Marrow (F. Melchers).

Glimpses Into the Balance Between Immunity and Self-Tolerance (C. Goodnow).