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The Naked Coach: Business Coaching Made Simple

The Naked Coach: Business Coaching Made Simple

David Taylor

ISBN: 978-1-907-29392-4

Feb 2010, Capstone

312 pages



Bestselling author David Taylor returns with his take on business coaching. No fuss. No jargon. Just great ideas.

The Naked Coach is the back-to-basics book on coaching that will make sense of coaching and place it back at the very heart of the business agenda. It will make understanding, learning and teaching coaching simple. The Naked Coach tells real, practical, fun, exciting and above all else relevant stories that you can apply straightaway. David Taylor strips away the hype, jargon and mystery to give coaching a clear definition in all its forms, including mentoring, training, facilitation and interventions of every kind. The Naked Coach explains coaching without being patronising, defines without being arrogant, and does it in a fun, accessible way. It is coaching from a different perspective – yours.

The fundamental principle of The Naked Coach is to be yourself – always. Find what works for you, and do it, again and again and again. Remember. No fuss. No Jargon. Just great ideas.

Prepare ….

One: Coaching from a Different Perspective – Yours.

1 You, Here, Now.

2 The Obvious Secret.

3 The Deal, the Decision and the Day-to-Day.

4 Hit or Myth?

Two: Self-Coaching – Applying The Formula to You.

1 Know Where You Want to Go.

2 Know Where You Are Now.

3 Know What You Have to Do, to Get to Where You Want to Go.

4 Do it!

Three: Your Coaching Relationships.

1 Finding a Coach for Yourself.

2 You as Coach.

3 Coaching Upwards (Including CEOs).

4 One Team, One Vision.

Four: Be a Truly Authentic Organization.

1 The Future – Not What it Used to Be.

2 The Next Business Age – An Agenda of Hope.

3 Ten Challenges – A Thousand Choices.

4 The Perspectives.

Five: Coaching the World.

1 Life’s Most Persistent Question.

2 The 21 Days.

3 It Starts ….

4 The Answer’s Yes – What’s the Question?

Six: Fulfi lling the Promise of Your First Few Seconds.

Hazel’s Journey.