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The Neuropsychology of Developmental Stuttering

The Neuropsychology of Developmental Stuttering

Bernard-Thomas Hartman, Stephen F. Austin

ISBN: 978-1-897-63546-9

Dec 1994

156 pages

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Stuttering has long been regarded as one of the most puzzling human phenomena. Owing to our limited knowledge of its apparently complex nature, it has been difficult to apply readily what is known about other forms of behavioural disorder in order to advance our understanding and treatment of stuttering. However, this book asserts that relatively recent applications of the concepts of neuropsychology to dyslexia, a comparable communication disorder, offer reasonable and functional insights into the development of stuttering behaviours.

The primary objectives of this book are to provide rational views on the neuropsychologic and neurophysiologic bases for: the stutterer's repeated occurrences of their stuttering behaviours; the stubborn resistance of these behaviours to traditional, past, and current therapy methods; and the need for clinic programmes to utilize practical psycho-social means for implementing the neuropsychological approach in order to obtain more consistent beneficial therapy results.

Setting The Stage.

The Neuropsychology of Dyslexia.

General Overview of Factors Relating to Developmental Stuttering.

The Neuropsychologic Bases for the Formation of Developmental Stuttering.

The Neuropsychologic Bases for The repeated Episodes of Stuttering Behaviours.

A Psycho-social Approach for treating Developmental Stuttering.