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The New Asian Corporation: Managing for the Future in Post-Crisis Asia



The New Asian Corporation: Managing for the Future in Post-Crisis Asia

Michael Alan Hamlin

ISBN: 978-0-787-94606-7 October 1999 Jossey-Bass 286 Pages


The new Asian corporation has emerged, and Westerners who currently do business in Asia or contemplate doing so would do well to take heed of the new Asian business model or risk being left behind. Here, author Michael Hamlin takes a close look at the revolutionary new business models Asia's best companies are adopting, the challenges they still face and, most of all, the challenges posed to their Western competitors. From organizational structure to strategy, this book provides in-depth portraits of Asia's leading companies and provides specific strategies Western managers can use to best their Asian competitors or successfully enter the new Asian market.
Acknowledgements The Author
Introduction: Emerging from Crisis
Part One: The New Asia
1. Transition to Excellence
2. The New Asia: What's Different and What's Not
Part Two: The New Asian Corporation
3. Rising from the Ashes
4. Guanxi, Mergers and Acquisitions, and the New Asian Corporation
5. Building Corporate Identity and Influence
Part Three: A Shift to Strategy
6. The Shift to Strategy: Betting the Company
7. The First Source of Competitiveness: Productivity and Innovation
8. The Second Source of Competitiveness: Market Industry
Part Four: Pressing Asian Realities
9. Training and Education: The Innovation Factor
10. The New Transparency: Managing Global Equity Flows
Part Five: What Comes Next?
11. Asia in the New Century
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"Undaunted by Asia's near-term financial crisis and other trials, Michael Hamlin has peered into the future of the new Asian corporation. What he foresees is a powerful transformation led by innovative, well-managed companies that are revitalizing the region--making it stronger, wiser, and fiercely competitive." --Fred Wiersema, author of Customer Intimacy, and coauthor of The Discipline of Market Leaders.

"Mike Hamlin plunges into the real world to come up with lessons from crisis managers coping with an ever-increasingly unpredictable world." --Antonio R. Samson, senior vice president, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company

"Several of the case examples represent truly leading-edge thinking and will challenge and inspire business model innovators in Europe and the U.S., as well as those in Asian markets."--Adrian Slywotzky, author of Value Migration