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The New Deal, 3rd Edition

Paul K. Conkin

ISBN: 978-0-882-95889-7 December 1991 Wiley-Blackwell 122 Pages


Demonstrating the intellectual excitement that is the practice of history at its best, Paul Conkin's The New Deal is still one of the best known titles in the very popular American History Series, edited by John Hope Franklin and A. S. Eisenstadt.

The New Deal is still the best succinct and coherent description of a chaotic period. It is an account of the major domestic policies adopted during the Roosevelt administration. It is also a rich portrait of Roosevelt the man and consummate politician, and the satellite figures around him. This highly interpretive text, with its spirited and often subtle assessments of New Deal personalities and programs, will continue to bring the period to life for new generations of students. Includes extensive photo essay.

Foreword v

Preface to the Third Edition ix

Chapter One: Roosevelt 1

Chapter Two: Clouds Over a New Era, 1932-1934 21

Depression America: An Essay in Photographs / following page 50

Chapter Three: Origins of a Welfare State, 1934-1936 54

Chapter Four: The Perils of Depression Politics, 1936-1938 83

A Note on New Deal Historiography 107

Index 118