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The New England Grimpendium

The New England Grimpendium

J. W. Ocker

ISBN: 978-0-881-50919-9

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256 pages

Select type: Paperback

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A rich compendium of macabre and historic New England happenings, this travelogue features firsthand accounts of almost 200 sites throughout New England. This region is full of the macabre, the grim, and the ghastly—and all of it is worth visiting, for the traveler who dares! Author J. W. Ocker supplements directions and site information with entertaining personal anecdotes.

Topics include:

  • Legends and personalities of the macabre
  • Infamous crimes and killers
  • Dreadful tragedies
  • Horror movie locales Notable cemeteries and gravestones Intriguing memento mori Classic monsters