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The New Manager's Survival Manual, 2nd Edition

The New Manager's Survival Manual, 2nd Edition

Clay Carr

ISBN: 978-0-471-10987-7

Jun 1995

288 pages

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Are you a new manager who needs concise, reliable tips on how to do your job and do it well? The New Manager's Survival Manual has those tips.

Do you need to know how to make effective employee selections now? See page 47.

Do you need to know how to correct an employee who's made a mistake? See page 77.

Do you want to understand the basics of motivating workers? See page 93.

Do you need to know how to delegate effectively and successfully? See page 111.

Why is effective communication with your staff so critical? See page 145.

Do you want to transform your workgroup into a self-managing team? See page 173.

Why is technology so important to self-managing teams? See page 188.

Why is it so important to develop trust in your workgroup or team? See page 246.
Successful Management: What, How, and the Payoff.

The Successful Worker.

Developing Successful Workers.








Communicating I. Communicating II.

Creating Successful Teams.

Developing Successful Teams.

The Practicalities of Successful Teams.

What Is Effective Phase Two Management?

Phase Two Management in Empowering Organizations.

Suggested Readings: Your Own Management University.