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The New Pioneers: Sustainable business success through social innovation and social entrepreneurship



The New Pioneers: Sustainable business success through social innovation and social entrepreneurship

Tania Ellis

ISBN: 978-0-470-97131-4 November 2010 276 Pages


New times create new needs – and new needs require new solutions. The New Pioneers is a practical guide for capitalists and idealists on how to navigate in the new economic world order.

It is about the social megatrends that are shaping our lives in new ways and creating a new face of capitalism. And it is about the pioneers that are paving the way for the new business revolution: this century's generation of visionary leaders, social entrepreneurs and social intrapreneurs.

'Hardcore business people are realising that they can increase their profits by incorporating social responsibility into their business, and heartcore idealists are realising that the use of market methods helps them meet their social goals successfully,' argues Tania Ellis.

With a wide array of cases from all over the world Tania Ellis explains the key principles of sustainable business success. Read The New Pioneers to gain insight into the new rules that are paving the way for business unusual – for the benefit of humanity and the bottom line.

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Foreword (Klaus Schwab)


PART I New Times – New Needs.

CHAPTER 1 Outer globalization.

A business world of disorder – the new business paradigm.

The great globalization race – how nations compete.

Five planets wantedenvironmental imbalances and growth principle.

More wealth and more inequalityeconomic imbalances and growth principle.

The silent killerssocial imbalances and growth principle.

CHAPTER 2 Inner globalization.

Generation MeWeconscious labour markets.

The Global Brainhybrid markets.

Collaborative problem solverscollective intelligence markets.

Civil power brokersactivism markets.

Conscious buycottersethical consumption markets.

PART II New Needs – New Solutions.

CHAPTER 3 The routes to sustainable business success.

The new faces of capitalismblurring sector borders and the fourth sector.

The value of social entrepreneurshipthree dimensions of the new business paradigm.

Responsible business 2.0from CSR to CSI and the four enabling Cs.

A business force for goodthe power of partnerships and converging fields.

CHAPTER 4 Visions for the future.

An evolutionary revolutionin the midst of a paradigm shift.

Utopias and pessimismabout hope and fear.

Everyone has a role to playand the power of YOU!


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