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The New Technology Elite: How Great Companies Optimize Both Technology Consumption and Production

The New Technology Elite: How Great Companies Optimize Both Technology Consumption and Production

Vinnie Mirchandani

ISBN: 978-1-119-20275-2

Sep 2015

400 pages


How-to guidance for optimizing incumbent technologies to deliver a better product and gain competitive advantage

Their zip codes are far from Silicon Valley. Their SIC codes show retail, automobile or banking. But industry after industry is waking up to the opportunity of "smart" products and services for their increasingly tech-savvy customers. Traditionally technology buyers, they are learning to embed technology in their products and become technology vendors. In turn, if you analyze Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and eBay, you marvel at their data centers, retail stores, application ecosystems, global supply chains, design shops. They are considered "consumer" tech but have better technology at larger scale than most enterprises. The old delineation of technology buyer and vendor is obsolete. There is a new definition for the technology elite - and you find them across industries and geographies. The 17 case studies and 4 guest columns spread through The New Technology Elite bring out the elite attributes in detail. Every organization will increasingly be benchmarked against these elite - and soon will be competing against them.

  • Contrasts the productivity that Apple, Google and others have demonstrated in the last decade to that of the average enterprise technology group
  • Reveals how to leverage what companies have learned from Google, Apple,, and Facebook to your company's advantage
  • Designed for business practitioners, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, technology vendors, venture capitalists, IT consultants, marketing executives, and policy makers
  • Other titles by Vinnie Mirchandani: The New Polymath: Profiles in Compound-Technology Innovations

If you're looking to encourage technology innovation, look no further. The New Technology Elite provides the building blocks your company needs to become innovative through incumbent technologies.

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xxi

Part I The Convergence of Technology Production and Consumption

Chapter 1 The New Monday Morning Quarterback 3

Case Study: UPS—That’s Technology “Amore” 15

Chapter 2 The “Industrialization” of Technology 25

Case Study: HP—The Quest for a “10 Out of 10” Supply Chain 32

Chapter 3 From Amazon to Zipcar: No Industry Untouched 39

Case Study: Roosevelt—Innovation Island 49

Chapter 4 Australia to Zanzibar: No Country for Old Products 57

Case Study: Estonia’s “Tiigrihupe”—Tiger Leap 66

Chapter 5 Convergence, Crossover, and Beyond 71

Guest Columns: Crossover Executive Perspectives 84

Perspective 1: Tony Scott (CIO, Microsoft) 84

Perspective 2: Vijay Ravindran (Chief Digital Officer, The Washington Post Co.) 86

Part II Key Attributes for the New Technology Elite: Three Es, Three Ms, Three Ps, and Three Ss

Chapter 6 Elegant: In a World of Flashing 12s 93

Case Study: Virgin America—Redefining Elegance in Flying 103

Chapter 7 Exponential: Leveraging Ecosystems 111

Case Study: RIM’s Evolving Ecosystem 119

Chapter 8 Efficient: Amid Massive Technology Waste 123

Case Study: Facebook’s Hyperefficient Data Center 133

Chapter 9 Mobile: If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Xiamen 139

Case Study: The Boeing 787 and HCL Technologies 149

Chapter 10 Maverick: No Rules. Just Right. 155

Case Study: Apple—A Thousand “Nos” and Ten Gutsy “Yeses” 163

Chapter 11 Malleable: Business Model Innovation 173

Case Study: Valence Health 186

Chapter 12 Physical: Why Test Driving Is Still Important Even in a Digital World 193

Case Study: Taubman Shopping Centers 205

Chapter 13 Paranoid: But Not Paralyzed 211

Case Study: Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform 220

Chapter 14 Pragmatic: When Attorneys Influence Technology Even More than Engineers 225

Guest Column: Legal Considerations in Technology Product Launches—Benjamin Kern 233

Chapter 15 Speedy: In a New Era of Perishability 241

Case Study: Corning—The Gorilla® Glass Rocket Ride 248

Chapter 16 Social: Amid Chatty Humans and Things 255

Case Study: Lexmark Genesis—A Printer for Our Social Times 265

Chapter 17 Sustainable: Mining the Green Gold 271

Case Study: Google’s Green Initiatives 282

Part III Outside Influences on the Technology Elite

Chapter 18 Making Regulators More Tech-Elite 291

Case Study: 3M’s “Periodic Table” 299

Chapter 19 Society’s Changing View of Technology 305

Guest Column: Smart Products Consumers Can Trust—Professor Mary Cronin 313

Chapter 20 Market Analysts Morphing 317

Case Study: Amazon 2010 Shareholder Letter 323

Endgame: “Welcome to the NFL” 327

Notes 333

About the Author 367

Index 369