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The New Workplace : A Guide to the Human Impact of Modern Working Practices

The New Workplace : A Guide to the Human Impact of Modern Working Practices

David Holman (Editor), Toby D. Wall (Editor), Chris W. Clegg (Editor), Paul Sparrow (Editor), Ann Howard (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-71336-5

May 2008

464 pages


""Just-in-time"", ""total quality management"", ""lean manufacturing"", ""call centres"", ""team work"", ""empowerment"" - most people in business have heard these buzz words, often offered as a panacea to all profit ills. So why don't they always work? Can you combine them anyhow? If not, why not?

The New Workplace Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the evidence available on how modern working practices and technology affect the people in organizations. Within a broad psychological framework, leading experts examine how people work, their experience of work, the impact on productivity and performance and the human resource implications. Guidance is offered on a range of different methods, tools and practices that can be used to guide the design and implementation of modern working practices to ensure that pitfalls are avoided and the best possible results are obtained from new initiatives.

Indispensable for consultants, this Handbook will also be useful for students and scholars in the psychology of business, human resource professionals and anyone involved in the management of new working practices.
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Part I: Introduction.

The New Workplace: An Introduction (David Holman & Stephen Wood).

Part II: Modern Working Practices in The Workplace.

Workers Under Lean Manufacturing (Rick Delbridge).

The Human Side of Total Quality Management (Richard Cooney & Amrik Sohal

Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Bradley Chase & Waldemar Karwowski).

Supply Chain Partnering (Maire Kerrin & Belen Icasati-Johanson).

Team Working (John Cordery).

Call Centres (David Holman).

Knowledge Management (Harry Scarbrough).

Employee Involvement: Utilization, Impacts and Future Prospects (George S. Benson & Edward E. Lawler III).

Promoting a Pro-active and Innovative Workforce for the New Workplace (Kerry L. Unsworth & Sharon K. Parker).

Teleworking and Virtual Organisations (David Lamond, Kevin Daniels & Peter Standen).

Performance Management Practices and Motivation (Robert D. Pritchard & Stephanie C. Payne).

E-business: Future prospects? (Chris Clegg, Belen Icasati-Johanson & Stuart Bennett).

Part III: Organisational Performance and Productivity.

Organisational Performance and Manufacturing Practices (Stephen Wood).

Organisational Performance in Services (Rosemary Batt & Virginia Doellgast).

The Human Resource -
Firm Performance Relationship: Methodological and Theoretical Challenges (Patrick M. Wright & Timothy M. Gardner).

Part IV: Tools and Methods for Design and Evaluation.

Tools and Methods to Support the Design and Implementation of New Work Systems (Enid Mumford & Carolyn Axtell).

Examining New Technologies and New Ways of Working: Methods for Designing Evaluation Studies (Sabine Sonnentag).

Part V: Reflection and Critique.

The Future of Work? (Paul Sparrow).

Any nearer a 'better' approach? A critical view (Karen Legge ).

Conclusion: Practical, Theoretical and Methodological Considerations (David Holman, Toby Wall & Ann Howard).

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