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The New York Public Library Amazing U.S. Geography: A Book of Answers for Kids



The New York Public Library Amazing U.S. Geography: A Book of Answers for Kids

The New York Public Library, Andrea Sutcliffe

ISBN: 978-0-471-39294-1 April 2002 176 Pages


The New York Public Library
AMAZING U.S. Geography

Follow a chinook over the Rocky Mountains. Trace the course of theMississippi River from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. Discoverwhere gold is mined and fish are farmed in the United States.Explore our fascinating nation from Alabama to Wyoming, and findanswers to all your questions about U.S. geography...

Where is the highest waterfall in the United States? See page 33.
What is a sand sea? See page 40.
Why does California have so many earthquakes? See page 41.
Why are people from new England called Yankees? See page 69.
How many U.S. presidents were born in Ohio? See page 89.
Where did the Santa Fe Trail begin? See page 96.
How large is mammoth Cave in Kentucky? See page 108.
How hot are the Hot Springs in Arkansas? See page 116.

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1. The United States in the World.

2. Weather and Climate in the United States.

3. Land and Water in the United States.

4. People and Places in the United States.


5. New England (Maine, New Hampshire,Vermont, Massachusetts, RhodeIsland andProvidence Plantations, Connecticut).

6. The Mid-Atlantic (New York, Pennsylvania,New Jersey, Delaware,Maryland).

7. The Midwest (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan,Wisconsin,Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota,South Dakota, Nebraska,Kansas).

8. The South (the District of Columbia, Virginia,West Virginia,Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina,South Carolina, Georgia,Florida, Alabama, Mississippi,Louisiana, Arkansas).

9. The Southwest (Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado,New Mexico,Arizona).

10. The West (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah,Nevada, California,Hawaii).

11. The Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Alaska).


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