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The Next Generation: Preparing Today's Kids For An Extraordinary Future



The Next Generation: Preparing Today's Kids For An Extraordinary Future

Tony Ryan

ISBN: 978-0-730-34504-6 September 2017 208 Pages


Today's children will be an unprecedented global force—are they ready?

The Next Generation maps out the world of possibilities ahead for today's young people, and reveals the skills and habits they'll need to take full advantage of their unique futures. Around 35% of the world's population is under 20 years of age; known as Generation Z and Generation Alpha, these children are coming of age in a world that is safer, healthier, wealthier and more productive than ever before. Opportunities fan out in the distance for today's kids—a world of possibility awaits, and they will be the ones to shape the future for us all. Right now, it's the job of parents and educators to prepare these kids for what awaits. They need an instinctual adaptability, quick thinking and comfort with change. They need to be technologically literate, and ready to take on whatever challenges arise.

This book explores the evolution of "coming of age" in a world where teens are already an entrepreneurial force, and shows you how to instill the talent, skills and instincts today's children will need to make the most of their future.

  • Explore the unique opportunities that exist for today's children
  • Discover the three capabilities that will prepare them for their dramatic journey
  • Learn three ways in which kids can help create a worthwhile future for themselves
  • Give them the skills they need to successfully navigate rapid, never-ending change

Continuous technological advancements combined with our children's unprecedented levels of involvement will unleash humanity's next major social and economic evolution—will your child be ready? The Next Generation helps you prepare them for their journey to success.

About the author xiii

Acknowledgements xv

Introduction: A call to action xvii

Part I: What’s up ahead for our children 1

1 A window into possibility: coping with the beautiful mess 3

2 Hybrid humanity: preparing for the robot–human interface 17

3 All in a day’s work: redefining future employment 33

Part II: Essential capabilities 51

4 Life in the fast lane: developing their adaptive agility 53

5 Heart-to-heart: enhancing empathy 71

6 We live and learn: embedding a love of inquiry 87

Part III: Actions for creating an extraordinary life 105

7 What’s the big idea: stimulating their creative enterprise 107

8 A helping hand: supporting future philanthropy 123

9 Action stations: fashioning the future right now 141

References 157

Bibliography 179

Index 181