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The Nonprofit Handbook: Fund Raising (AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series), 3rd Edition

The Nonprofit Handbook: Fund Raising (AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series), 3rd Edition

James M. Greenfield (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-15117-3

Mar 2004

1176 pages



The Third Edition of this invaluable handbook provides a complete overview of the entire development function, from management and strategic planning to hands-on, practical guidance for the various kinds of fundraising. Written by leading fund-raising professionals and edited by James M. Greenfield, this volume is a classic in the field of fundraising.



Fund-raising Overview (J. Schwartz).

Strategic Planning for Fund Raising (K. Hawkins).

Marketing Strategies in Development (B. McLeish).

Budgeting for Fund Raising (J. Connell).

ROPES: A Model of the Fund-raising Process (K. Kelly).

Fund-raising Assessment (J. Greenfield & J. Dreves).

Accountability: Delivering Community Benefits (J. Greenfield).

The Balanced Scorecard: A Performance Measurement Tool for Not-for-Profit Organizations (J. Crawford).


A Not-for-Profit Ethics Program (A. Anderson).

Professionalism, Ethics, and Certification (T. Bayley).

Good Governance: Requisites for Successful Philanthropy (G. Maynard, et al.).

The Board Chair, Chief Executive Officer, and Development Officer (G. Warden & R. Smiley).

The Board's Role in Fund Raising (F. Howe).

Leadership Reengineering: The Not-for-Profit Board for Tomorrow (A. Napoli).


Demographics: Our Changing World and How It Affects Raising Money (J. Nichols).

Why Do People Donate to Charity? (D. White).

Women as Philanthropists: A New Approach and a New Voice in Major Gifts (A. Kaminski).

Leading Learning Communities: Implications of the New Science for Not-for-Profit Organizations (S. Smith).

Philanthropy in the New Economy: The Quantum Civics Paradigm of Leadership (R. Cheshire).

Accountability for Leadership Volunteers (P. Guzman).


Overview of Annual Giving (N. Doty & B. Cox).

Direct Mail (K. Lautman).

Benefit Event Fundamentals (S. Allen).

Benefit Event Enhancements (S. Ulin).

Fund Raising on the Net (M. Johnston).

New Media and Direct-Response Fund Raising (J. Potts).

Telemarketing (W. Freyd & D. Carlson).

Volunteer-led Solicitations (W. Pidgeon).


Overview of Major Giving (M. Williams).

The Corporate Support Marketplace (L. Picker).

Corporate Fund Raising (D. Burlingame).

Cause-related Marketing and Sponsorship (S. Allen).

The Grant-seeking Process (S. Golden).

Grants from the Government (C. New).

Prospect Development--An Art (B. Strand).

Major Gifts from Individuals (G. Brakeley).

Capital Fund Appeals (C. Lawson).

Planned Giving: Gift Vehicles (L. Moerschbaecher & E. Dryburgh).

Marketing: Printed Materials and Publications for Donors and Prospects (R. Jordan & K. Quynn).

A Natural Alliance: Financial Planners and Fund Raisers (D. Turse).


Raising Funds for a Religious Community (B. O'Hare & A. Roach).

Fund Development in the Salvation Army (R. Gregg).

Grass-roots Fund Raising (J. Hicks).

International Fund Raising (T. Harris).

Fund Raising in Japan: Tips from Experience (D. Fullerton & D. Woodruff).


Fund-raising Consultants (H. Goldstein).

Donor Recognition and Relations (J. Linzy).

Technology Applications (T. Gaffny).

Accounting for Contributions (R. Larkin).

Reading Internal Revenue Service Form 990 (P. Swords).

Federal Regulation of Fund Raising (B. Hopkins).

State Regulation of Fund Raising (S. Perlman).

The Internet and the Regulation of the Not-for-Profit Sector (M. Johnston).

The Self-Renewing Organization (T. Connors).
There are some books, The Bridges of Madison County comes to mind, that are best read in one sitting. Then there are others, the Holy Bible being the quintessential example, that speak to you as your needs arise.
Certainly, The Nonprofit Handbook: Fund Raising , is in the latter category. In fact, it could legitimately be called the bible of fund raising, brimming as it is with the insights, wisdom, and expertise of 63 of the nation's best minds on all facets of fund raising.
This revised, updated, and significantly expanded third edition is an unrivaled desktop reference. No, you won't consult it daily or even weekly. But when in the course of your job you need sound guidance or an infusion of fresh ideas on virtually any topic in fund raising, The Nonprofit Handbook will serve as a reliable and reassuring source to which to turn.

Certainly the roster of contributors is impressive: from hands-on practitioners, to seasoned consultants, to ""big picture"" thinkers. And chapters such as, ""Fund Raising on the Net,"" and ""New Media and Direct-Response Fund Raising,"" show that editor James Greenfield is current in his thinking and outlook.
A massive work (54 chapters, 1140 pages), The Nonprofit Handbook: Fund Raising is nonetheless sleekly presented in seven major parts: Managing Fund Development, Institutional Readiness, Annual Giving Programs, Major Giving Programs, Select Audiences and Environments, Ethics and Governance, and Support Ingredients.
And under each of these broad headings you'll find 10 or more chapters devoted to nearly every conceivable sub-topic of importance. For example, in the part devoted to major giving programs, there are individual chapters on corporate fund raising, cause-related marketing, prospect development, capital fund appeals, planned giving, marketing to donors, the grant-seeking process, and more.
If you want the comfort and convenience of having a seasoned ""consultant"" to turn to, or a steady hand to grasp as you navigate professional conundrums, then The Nonprofit Handbook: Fund Raising belongs on your bookshelf. (Jerry Cianciolo)

""...a classic in its field..."" (Business Wire, 24 April 2002)