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The Nonprofit Handbook: Management, 3rd Edition

The Nonprofit Handbook: Management, 3rd Edition

Tracy D. Connors

ISBN: 978-0-471-39799-1

Mar 2001

960 pages

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The 2002 Supplement includes:
  • A revised chapter on Contingency and Emergency Public Affairs.
  • New chapters on such topics as Making your Data Collection Meaningful, Sales for Non-Profits, Strategic Leadership of Volunteer Organizations in an International Context, and Organizational Culture and Not-for-Profit Organizations.

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This item: The Nonprofit Handbook: Management, 3rd Edition

Strategic Tools for Social Entrepreneurs: Enhancing the Performance of Your Enterprising Nonprofit (Hardcover $55.00)

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The Nonprofit Handbook, 3rd Edition, set (includes Management and Fund Raising)

This item: The Nonprofit Handbook: Management, 3rd Edition

The Nonprofit Handbook: Fund Raising (AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series), 3rd Edition

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The Nonprofit Handbook: Management, 3rd Edition

(Hardcover $238.00)

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The Self-Renewing Organization (T. Connors).

Management Context of Non-For-Profit Organizations in the New Millennium: Diversity, Quality, Technology, Global Environment, and Ethics (J. Champoux).

Change Leadership or Change Management? (J. Til & D. Swalve).

A Hundred Year Horizon: Considering Sustainable Development in the Nonprofit Sector (K. Seel).

Lessons in Strategic Plan Implementation (M. Lu, et al.).

Governance Framework for Collaborations and Mergers (S. Feeney).

Marketing (E. Johnson & M. Venkatesan).

Management Implications and Opportunities of Global Communications: 'Hakken-Kraks Howl' and Global Dot Com: Storm, Norm, Form". (J. Poley).

Distance Learning for Nonprofit Organizations: Getting Started (J. Poley).

Internet Strategy for Nonprofits (M. Fox-McIntyre).

Nonprofit Success on the Internet: Creating an Effective Online Presence (M. Stein).

Strategic Media Relations (E. Wirth).

Contingency and Emergency Public Affairs (R. Thompson).

Strategic Planning for Information Systems (B. Peach & R. Platt).

Emergent Technology and the Not-for-Profit Organization (E. Power & A. Hart).

Building a Knowledge Marketplace: Best Practices to Create Learning Value in Cyberspace (J. Poley).

Technology and Strategy For Organizational Effectiveness (M. Osten).

Managing Organizational Growth (C. Curran).


Fund Raising Management (J. Greenfield).

Manual of Fund Development Policy and Procedure for Not-for-Profit Organizations (J. Greenfield).

Nonprofit Organizations as Entrepreneurs (R. Reynolds).

Commercial Ventures: Opportunities and Risks for Not-for-Profit Organizations (K. Seel).

Accounting (R. Larkin).

Budgeting Considerations (R. Reynolds).

Unrelated Business Income (J. Blazek).


Ethics and Values in the Not-For-Profit Organization (M. Meneghetti & K. Seel).

Leadership and the Self-Renewing Organization (J. Champoux).

Volunteer and Staff Relations (N. Macduff).

Law and Taxation (B. Hopkins).