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The Nurse Practitioner: Real-World Research in A & E

The Nurse Practitioner: Real-World Research in A & E

Brian Dolan

ISBN: 978-1-861-56141-1 January 2000 100 Pages


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This innovative book examines the practicalities of conducting research in a busy accident and emergency department. Brian Dolan candidly describes the methodologies and research tools used in a pilot study looking at nurse practitioners? interactions with patients. The study also explores factors which restrict or restrain some formal research practice, for example the balance to be struck between maintaining good relations with research participants while observing the necessary distance required to produce quality research.

Nurse practitioners, undergraduate and postgraduate students, along with those interested in research will find this real-world approach to undertaking research in practice settings both helpful and refreshing.


Literature Review.

Methodological Discussion.

Pilot Study.