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Public Health Nutrition, 2nd Edition

Judith L. Buttriss, Ailsa A. Welch, John M. Kearney, Dr. Susan A. Lanham-New

Clinical Nutrition, 2nd Edition

Marinos Elia, Olle Ljungqvist, Rebecca J. Stratton, Dr. Susan A. Lanham-New

Nutrition Research Methodologies

Julie A. Lovegrove, Leanne Hodson, Sangita Sharma, Dr. Susan A. Lanham-New, Lord John Krebs

Public Health Nutrition

Michael J. Gibney, Barrie M. Margetts, John M. Kearney, Lenore Arab

Introduction to Human Nutrition, 2nd Edition

Michael J. Gibney, Dr. Susan A. Lanham-New, Aedin Cassidy, Hester H. Vorster

Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Dr. Susan A. Lanham-New, Samantha Stear, Susan Shirreffs, Adam Collins, Richard Budgett

Nutrition and Metabolism, 2nd Edition

Dr. Susan A. Lanham-New, Ian A. MacDonald, Helen M. Roche
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