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The Official Dice Technology Job Search Guide

The Official Dice Technology Job Search Guide

ISBN: 978-0-470-17536-1

Jul 2007

264 pages

Select type: E-Book


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Intended to complement content on the Dice Web site, this unique career guide is essential reading if you are seeking a better job, changing jobs, or looking for your first job. It provides you with real-world sample resumes, interview dialogue, and helpful career resources, as well as invaluable advice on how you can set yourself about the task of applying for high-competition positions. You’ll also learn realistic salary expectations for tech jobs and the importance of certifications, among other vital topics.
Part 1. Getting Started.

Chapter 1. The IT Field.

Chapter 2. Tech Job Testimonials.

Chapter 3. IT Job Searching Process.

Part 2. Preparing for Your New Job.

Chapter 4. Training and Certification.

Chapter 5. Evaluating Yourself and Building Asset Statements.

Chapter 6. Your Resume.

Chapter 7. Your Cover Letter.

Part 3. Finding and Getting Your Desired Job.

Chapter 8. Job Searching.

Chapter 9. Interviewing and Negotiating.

Part 4. Appendices.

Appendix A. Independent Consulting.

Appendix B. Security Clearance Frequently Asked Questions.

Appendix C. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Digital Dirt.