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The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review 2017 with Online Question Bank and Exclusive Video

The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review 2017 with Online Question Bank and Exclusive Video

GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)

ISBN: 978-1-119-25395-2

Jun 2016

360 pages

Select type: Paperback


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The ultimate in GMAT Verbal preparation, with over 300 practice questions and answers

The Official Guide for the GMAT Verbal Review 2017 provides practical preparation focused on the verbal portion of the exam. Written by the Graduate Management Admission Council, this guide is designed to provide targeted review based on your needs. You’ll review the fundamentals of reading comprehension, grammar, and critical reasoning, and learn just what the test is measuring so you can tailor your approach for each question type. Over 300 additional practice questions—45 of them brand new to this edition—allow you to test your understanding, with full answers and thorough explanations to help you pinpoint where you need to improve. The companion website ( allows you to create personalized practice sets, so you can get more out of your study time by skipping what you know and focusing on what you don’t. You also get access to practice exams and videos featuring valuable insight and advice to help you be fully prepared on exam day.

Hone your skills and build your confidence with essential review, valuable insight, and plenty of practice, fully customizable to your specific needs.

  • Brush up on grammar, reading comprehension, and critical reasoning skills
  • Learn helpful tips and strategies specific to the GMAT verbal section
  • Create custom practice sets to target your weaker areas
  • Practice over 300 verbal questions from past exams

You read, write, and think every day, so you think you’re prepared for the GMAT Verbal—but are you really? With less than two minutes per question, you need a clear plan and reflexive understanding. This book gives you both, with advice straight from the exam’s creators. The Official Guide for the GMAT Verbal Review 2017 is your ideal resource for complete and thorough preparation.

1.0 What Is the GMAT® Exam? 4

1.0 What Is the GMAT® Exam? 5

1.1 Why Take the GMAT® Exam? 5

1.2 GMAT® Exam Format 6

1.3 What Is the Content of the Exam Like? 7

1.4 Quantitative Section 8

1.5 Verbal Section 8

1.6 What Computer Skills Will I Need? 9

1.7 What Are the Test Centers Like? 9

1.8 How Are Scores Calculated? 9

1.9 Analytical Writing Assessment Scores 10

1.10 Test Development Process 10

2.0 How to Prepare 12

2.0 How to Prepare 13

2.1 How Can I Best Prepare to Take the Test? 13

2.2 What About Practice Tests? 13

2.3 Where Can I Get Additional Practice? 14

2.4 General Test-Taking Suggestions 14

3.0 Reading Comprehension 16

3.0 Reading Comprehension 17

3.1 What Is Measured 18

3.2 Test-Taking Strategies 20

3.3 The Directions 21

3.4 Sample Questions 22

3.5 Answer Key 59

3.6 Answer Explanations 60

4.0 Critical Reasoning 118

4.0 Critical Reasoning 119

4.1 What Is Measured 120

4.2 Test-Taking Strategies 120

4.3 The Directions 121

4.4 Sample Questions 122

4.5 Answer Key 158

4.6 Answer Explanations 159

5.0 Sentence Correction 242

5.0 Sentence Correction 243

5.1 Basic English Grammar Rules 243

5.2 Study Suggestions 248

5.3 What Is Measured 248

5.4 Test-Taking Strategies 248

5.5 The Directions 249

5.6 Sample Questions 250

5.7 Answer Key 275

5.8 Answer Explanations 276

Appendix A Answer Sheets 338

Reading Comprehension Answer Sheet 338

Critical Reasoning Answer Sheet 339

Sentence Correction Answer Sheet 340

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