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The Official Nik Software Image Enhancement Guide: The Photographer's Resource for Professional Workflow Techniques

The Official Nik Software Image Enhancement Guide: The Photographer's Resource for Professional Workflow Techniques

Joshua D. Bradley

ISBN: 978-0-470-28763-7

Oct 2008

272 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Designed to save time in the digital workflow, Nik Software's entire suite of products (Dfine 2.0, Color Efex Pro 3.0 and Sharpener Pro 2.0) were conceived with the single goal of helping photographers use products such as Adobe Photoshop easier while offering numerous editing capabilities not found within Photoshop. These powerful and highly successful digital imaging products have been written about extensively in trade magazines and publication's, however, to date no one has taken on the task of compiling techniques into a book on how best to utilize these highly popular products. The Official Nik Software Image Enhancement Guide: The Photographer's Resource of Professional Workflow Techniques is a product designed to resemble the way photographers think. The idea is to make sure the readers can apply techniques discussed in the book such as retouching, understanding the importance of light, and exposure, while learning all of the features and functionality of this family of products. The CD included with the book will have a trial version of Nik's most popular program, Color Efex Pro Standard Edition.The book will appeal to any and all owners of Nik Software products who have been asking for a book on this topic almost since the company's inception.
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PART I: How to Use the Nik Tools.

Lesson 1: Installing the Plug-ins.

Lesson 2: Using Dfi ne 2.0.

Lesson 3: Using Viveza.

Lesson 4: Using Color Efex Pro 3.0.

Lesson 5: Using Silver Efex Pro.

Lesson 6: Using Sharpener Pro 2.0.

Lesson 7: Getting the Hardware Needed.

PART II: Silencing Noise and Fine-Tuning.

Lesson 1: Reducing an Entire Image’s Noise.

Lesson 2: Fighting Noise with Color Selections.

Lesson 3: Precise Noise Reduction with Control Points.

Lesson 4: Finishing an Image in 20 Seconds.

Lesson 5: Quickly Eliminate Unwanted Color Cast.

Lesson 6: Getting an Image Ready for the Next Step.

PART II Finishing with Color Efex Pro 3.0.

Lesson 1: Using Bi-Colored Filters for Realism.

Lesson 2: Creating Dramatic Sunrises and Sunsets.

Lesson 3: Making It Old with Bleach Bypass.

Lesson 4: Edgy Look with Bleach Bypass.

Lesson 5: Using the B/W Filter.

Lesson 6: Spot Color and Portraits.

Lesson 7: Spot Color and Landscapes.

Lesson 8: Antiquing with Color Stylizer.

Lesson 9: Focus with Darken/Lighten Center.

Lesson 10: The Artifi cial Snoot.

Lesson 11: Duplex and Portraits.

Lesson 12: The Graduated Neutral Density Filter.

Lesson 13: Black-and-White Infrared, Method 1.

Lesson 14: Black-and-White Infrared, Method 2.

Lesson 15: Art Deco and Color Method in Infrared.

Lesson 16: Setting the Tone with Paper Toner.

Lesson 17: Dramatic Photo Stylizer.

Lesson 18: Refl ections without the Light.

Lesson 19: Tonal Contrast Using Color and Contrast.

Lesson 20: Tonal Contrast Using the Airbrushed Look.

PART IV: Multiple Filters, Multiple Programs.

Lesson 1: Creating Brilliant Landscapes.

Lesson 2: False Flash and Old Photos.

Lesson 3: Creating Neon Light, or Any Light.

Lesson 4: Bring on Indian Summer and Contrast.

Lesson 7: Surreal Art with Bleach, Darken, and Viveza.

Lesson 8: Finishing Black-and-White with Glamour Glow.

Lesson 9: Getting a Great Wedding Glow.

Lesson 10: The Ultimate Wedding Filter Stack.

Lesson 11: Rock and Roll Spotlight.

Lesson 12: The Evil Grunge Look.

Lesson 13: Creating an Ethereal Look.

Lesson 14: Classic Rock Effect.

Lesson 15: Gritty Color Stylizer Effect.

PART V: Silver Is the New Black.

Lesson 1: Creating a Solarized Effect.

Lesson 2: Solarized Portraits.

Lesson 3: Silvering for Effect in Black-and-White.

Lesson 4: High-Contrast Black-and-White.

Lesson 5: Creating a Black-and-White Portrait with Sepia.

Lesson 6: Dramatic Landscape.

Lesson 7: Creating a Pinhole.

Lesson 8: Going for the Classic Black-and-White.

Lesson 9: Bringing Back Tintype.

Lesson 10: Silver Free-for-All.

PART VI: Having a Sharp Eye.

Lesson 1: Raw Pre-Sharpening Filter Preset.

Lesson 2: Sharpening for Effect.

Lesson 3: Isolating Details for Sharpness.

Chapter 6 Having a Sharp Eye Sharpener Pro 3.0 Download
Chapter 6Chapter 6 Having a Sharp Eye Sharpener Pro 3.0,See Download Tab to download Chapter 6 Having a Sharp Eye Sharpener Pro 3.0 PDF file.03-17-09