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The Options Course: High Profit and Low Stress Trading Methods, 2nd Edition

The Options Course: High Profit and Low Stress Trading Methods, 2nd Edition

George A. Fontanills

ISBN: 978-0-471-66851-0

Feb 2005

592 pages

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Use this invaluable tool to gain a competitive edge and avert bad investment decisions.

Well-known options strategist and instructor George Fontanills has updated his time-tested and bestselling book, The Options Course. The new edition improves and expands upon the original to help you avoid some common and costly options mistakes. The systematic, step-by-step approach, covers everything from basic concepts to sophisticated techniques and is designed for investors at all levels of experience.

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Chapter 1: Options Trading: A Primer.

Chapter 2: The Big Picture.

Chapter 3: Option Basics.

Chapter 4: Basic Trading Strategies.

Chapter 5: Introducing Vertical Spreads.

Chapter 6: Demystifying Delta.

Chapter 7: The Other Greeks.

Chapter 8: Straddles, Strangles and Synthetics.&

Chapter 9: Advanced Delta Neutral Strategies.&

Chapter 10: Trading Techniques for Range-Bound Markets.

Chapter 11: Increasing Your Profits with Adjustments.

Chapter 12: Choosing the Right Broker.

Chapter 13: Processing Your Trade.

Chapter 14: Margin and Risk.

Chapter 15: A Short Course in Economic Analyses.

Chapter 16: Mastering the Market.

Chapter 17: How to Spot Explosive Opportunities.

Chapter 18: Tools of the Trade.

Chapter 19: Final Summay.

Appendix A: Trading Resources.

Appendix B: Important Charts and Tables.

Appendix C: Strategy Reviews.

Appendix D: Success Guides.