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The Orange Code: How ING Direct Succeeded by Being a Rebel with a Cause

The Orange Code: How ING Direct Succeeded by Being a Rebel with a Cause

Arkadi Kuhlmann, Bruce Philp

ISBN: 978-0-470-53879-1

Mar 2010

272 pages

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How championing consumers led to ING Direct's revolutionary rise in the banking industry

In an industry dominated by big banks with little patience for their customers, ING Direct has always strived to be different-a rebel with a cause, if you will-and in doing so, they've become the most successful online banking venture in history.

The Orange Code recounts ING Direct's intriguing story, explaining the philosophy of its founder Arkadi Kuhlmann-who believes in the power of individuals to control their financial destiny-and his long-running partnership with Bruce Philp, the branding consultant who helped him make ING Direct a cause to its own people and a household name across North America.

  • Discusses the unconventional approach to business strategy, leadership, and management that built ING Direct
  • Written by the company's CEO, Arkadi Kuhlmann, the driving force behind this unique company and its approach and Bruce Philp, the branding expert who has worked with some of the world's most well-known and valuable brands
  • Reveals how the cause of personal financial empowerment has made everyone a winner in the ING Direct story

The level of success achieved by ING Direct holds some important lessons and offers some much-needed inspiration to a business world that could use a little of both right now.



ING Direct Today: The Business Case for Being a Rebel with a Cause.


Chapter 1 The Guy in the Cape.

Leading from the Front.

Chapter 2 Pixie Dust.

Powered by Purpose.

Chapter 3 The Dirty Dozen.

We Could Be Heroes.

Chapter 4 Clicking.

The Conundrum of Advertising.

Chapter 5 You Say You Want a Revolution?

The Opposite of a Bank.

Chapter 6 Saving the Savers.

Walking the Talk.

Chapter 7 It Takes a Village.

Building the Orange Brand Nation.

Chapter 8 The Money on the Table.

Winning the Battle, Losing the War.

Chapter 9 Steering by the Stars.

Beyond Managing.

Chapter 10 Herding Cats.

How to Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory.

Epilogue Peeling the Orange.

A Guided Tour of the Orange Code, and What It Means to Us.

Appendix A : Orange Milestones — An ING Direct Time Line.

Appendix B : The Voice of Advocacy.

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