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The Origins and Development of High Ability



The Origins and Development of High Ability

Gregory R. Bock (Editor), Kate Ackrill (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51450-4 April 2008 266 Pages


Written for psychologists, educational psychologists and developmental biologists, this volume explores the concept of giftedness, including its definition, origins and development. The author offers a balanced view of the topic and presents optimal educational strategies for various kinds of high ability. The effects of both environmental and biological/genetic factors on a student's level of giftedness are also discussed, as is the question of whether gifted people can be created.
Partial table of contents:

Giftedness and Intelligence: One and the Same?

(D. Detterman).

Psychological Profiles of the Mathematically Talented: Some Sex Differences and Evidence Supporting Their Biological Basis (C. Benbow & D. Lubinski).

Genetics and High Cognitive Ability (R. Plomin & L. Thompson).

The Early Lives of Child Prodigies (M. Howe).

Musical Ability (J. Sloboda).

Boys and Girls Who Reason Well Mathematically (J. Stanley).

Scientific Ability (K. Heller).

Accelerating Language Acquisition (W. Fowler, et al.).

Can We Create Gifted People?

(K. Ericsson, et al.).

Closing Remarks (R. Atkinson).