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The PR Masterclass: How to develop a public relations strategy that works!

The PR Masterclass: How to develop a public relations strategy that works!

Alex Singleton

ISBN: 978-1-118-75622-5

Oct 2015

208 pages


The PR Masterclass is written by former newspaper, magazine and digital journalist Alex Singleton, who is now a prominent PR trainer and consultant. It reveals the secrets of effective PR and shows how to put in place a practical, reliable and successful media strategy for your product, business or activity – one that delivers the greatest results. Through the book, you get to discover how to develop and pitch effective newsworthy material, regardless of your budget. The PR Masterclass is aimed at PR professionals as well as small business owners and entrepreneurs implementing a PR strategy.

"PR can do more for your money than any other marketing tool. But very few people understand how to use it. Alex does because he has been at the receiving end. So will you if you read this remarkably practical book."
Drayton Bird, author, Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing

"The lessons contained within The PR Masterclass should be plastered over the walls of organisations seeking to utilise the media effectively for their campaigns. This book is a must-have reference point."
Ryan Bourne, CityAM columnist and Head of Economic Research, Centre for Policy Studies

"This is an important book about public relations and how the media is changing. Singleton is a straight-talking journalist-turned-practitioner who pulls no punches. He calls on the industry to grow up and adopt the rigour of a professional discipline. It's a call to action that I wholly heartedly support. You should read The PR Masterclass if you're new to public relations or work in the profession and want to continue doing so."
—Stephen Waddington, European director, Ketchum, and 2014 President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR)

"Provides all you need to know about securing press coverage."
Fraser Seitel, O'Dwyer's PR magazine

"Every page is packed with insight and practical advice."
—Steve Harrison, co-founder, Harrison Troughton Wunderman

"Written in a no-nonsense style, every chapter contains a mine of information about the subject. What's more, it's clear that Alex knows the business inside out. This is the kind of book you need to have close at hand. Do what it says, and you'll be miles ahead with your PR."
James Hammond, brand consultant

"Alex Singleton's book on public relations strategy is an excellent practical guide to the real world of PR."
Ray Hiebert, Editor, Public Relations Review

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Foreword vii

Preface xi

1 Why Public Relations Campaigns Fail – and How to Make Them Succeed 1

2 How to Develop a Story Idea that Is Newsworthy 23

3 How to Build and Maintain an Effective List of Journalists 49

4 How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Press Release 67

5 Dealing with Incoming Media Enquiries 97

6 How to Successfully Pitch a Letter 109

7 Persuade the Public with Compelling Comment Articles 129

8 The Secrets of Effective Television and Radio Appearances 147

9 How to Choose an Agency or Consultant 159

10 Future Learning 173

About the Author 181

Acknowledgements 183

Index 185