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The Passion Plan at Work: Building a Passion-Driven Organization



The Passion Plan at Work: Building a Passion-Driven Organization

Richard Y. Chang

ISBN: 978-0-787-95902-9 February 2002 Jossey-Bass 304 Pages


In his best-selling book, The Passion Plan, Richard Chang showed individuals how to discover their passion and turn it into personal and professional fulfillment. Now, in The Passion Plan at Work he shows how to bring passion into the workplace--and turn good companies into great ones. Adapting his seven-step model for individuals to an organizational perspective, Chang explains how passion can provide direction and improve performance at all levels of a company. Carefully leading readers through his do-it-yourself process, Chang provides specific guidelines for creating an action plan that galvanizes an organization around passion. Along the way he provides practical tools--questionnaires, worksheets, and checklists--to help assess an organization's Passion Profile and make passion a big part of your company's ongoing success.
Introduction: Bringing Passion into the Organization.

Why Passion Works in Organizations: A Timeless Source for TimelyChange.

From Passion to Profit: A Model for Organizational Success.

Step 1: Start from the Heart: Passion as the Foundation of theOrganization.

Step 2: Discovering Your Passion: Uncovering the Forces That WillDrive the Organization's Success.

Step 3: Clarify Your Purpose: Channeling Organizational Passiontoward a Specific End.

Step 4: Define Your Action Plan: Planning for Passion-InspiredChange and Growth in the Organization.

Step 5: Perform with Passion: Translating Passion into Performancein the Office and the Marketplace.

Step 6: Spread Your Excitement: Sparking Commitment and Enthusiasmin Employees and Customers.

Step 7: Stay the Course: Keeping the Organization Centered onPassion.

Profit with a Capital "P": New Definitions for a New Millennium.
The Passion Plan at Work gets down to the essentials of what ittakes to succeed in today's business world. Richard Chang'sphilosophies are such a wonderful inspiration both in and out ofthe workplace! (Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Managerand Gung Ho!)

As human beings, we are significantly more influenced by thefeelings and emotions of our heart than we realize (or are willingto admit). Ironically, it is through embracing these powerfulpassions within that we can ultimately unleash our true potentialas individuals and as organizations. Richard Chang's The PassionPlan at Work superbly teaches this principle. (Stephen R. Covey,author of the No. 1 best-seller, The 7-Habits of Highly EffectivePeople)

Richard Chang does it again! He takes a critical and hard-to-defineconcept and makes it understandable and doable! All who wish tomotivate and keep the talent on their teams should read this book.(Beverly Kaye, president, Career Systems International, coauthor,Love Em or Lose Em: Getting Good People to Stay)

The Passion Plan at Work is the fuel for quality. Richard Changproves it can be learned. A must-read book for seriousorganizations in the pursuit of quality and excellence. (Horst H.Schulze, president and chief operating officer, The Ritz-CarltonHotel Company, L.L.C.)

Passion transforms our life's work from a job into a worthy pursuitthat truly makes a difference. With advice that is bothinspirational and practical, The Passion Plan at Work shows how tolead this kind of transformation through a whole organization.(Ralph W. Shrader, chairman and chief executive officer, Booz-Allen& Hamilton, Inc.)