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The Performance Pipeline: Getting the Right Performance At Every Level of Leadership



The Performance Pipeline: Getting the Right Performance At Every Level of Leadership

Stephen Drotter

ISBN: 978-0-470-87728-9 September 2011 Jossey-Bass 320 Pages


The guide that defines the results required at each organizational level to sustain business success

It's not enough to build a company full of people with leadership skills. The Performance Pipeline digs deep into the real work of executing business results at each leadership layer.

  • Filled with lessons and examples from the author's 40 years of experience
  • Shows how to set performance standards, make sure the right work is being done, and remove performance barriers
  • Illustrates how leaders can make the transition to the next level and achieve full performance

This book gives leaders in any industry an advantage over the competition.

Preface ix

Part One The Performance Pipeline Concept

Introduction Dealing with Pervasive Uncertainty 3

1 Defining Your Performance Pipeline 21

Part Two Expected Results at Every Level of Leadership

2 Enterprise Chief Executive Officer: Perpetuating the Enterprise 47

3 Group Managers: Portfolio of Businesses 71

4 Business Managers: Short-Term and Long-Term Profit 93

5 Function Managers: Competitive Advantage 113

6 Managers of Managers: Productivity 129

7 Managers of Others: The Enablers 147

8 Self-Managers: Delivering the Products and Services 175

Part Three Successful Implementation of the Performance Pipeline

9 Creating a Context for Performance 201

10 Enabling Layer Transitions 225

11 Implementing Your Performance Pipeline 245

Tool 1: Actual Performance Pipeline from Company E 261

Tool 2: Interview Questions 279

Acknowledgments 285

The Author 287

Index 289