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The Photophysics behind Photovoltaics and Photonics

The Photophysics behind Photovoltaics and Photonics

Guglielmo Lanzani

ISBN: 978-3-527-41054-5

Apr 2012

220 pages

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From a leading researcher in optical spectroscopy and electronic properties of novel semiconductors comes this much-needed toolbox title to understand the concepts behind the spectroscopy of advanced organic materials and how they work.

The book thus provides basic and practical knowledge on material photophysics for planning, carrying out and understanding experiments in spectroscopy. It contains a collection of simple practical rules for data analysis and interpretation, together with a list of experimental techniques, including the latest methods. Each topic is complemented by examples taken from forefront research on nanomaterials, photovoltaics and photonics, and each chapter includes a discussion, examples, topical boxes, tables and figures. The whole is rounded off by a bibliography for further reading, major references and appendixes containing theoretical derivation and numerical code.

The result is a quick guide for the spectroscopist who needs to grasp the concept of the experiments.
1. Introduction
2. Radiation-Matter-Interaction in the Two-Level-System
3. Molecular Exciton
4. Excited States in Solids
5. Photoexcitation Dynamics
6. Photphysics Tool Box
7. Vibrational Spectroscopy
8. Charge Transfer and Transport
9. Pump-probe and Other Modulation Techniques
10. Conclusions and Future Perspectives
Errata Corrige and Addendum to ""The Photophysics Behind Photovoltaics and Photonics"" Download