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The Physics of Stars, 2nd Edition

The Physics of Stars, 2nd Edition

A. C. Phillips

ISBN: 978-0-471-98798-7

May 1999

262 pages

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The Physics of Stars, Second Edition, is a concise introduction to the properties of stellar interiors and consequently the structure and evolution of stars. Strongly emphasising the basic physics, simple and uncomplicated theoretical models are used to illustrate clearly the connections between fundamental physics and stellar properties. This text does not intend to be encyclopaedic, rather it tends to focus on the most interesting and important aspects of stellar structure, evolution and nucleosynthesis. In the Second Edition, a new chapter on Helioseismology has been added, along with a list of physical constants and extra student problems. There is also new material on the Hertztsprung-Russell diagram, as well as a general updating of the entire text. It includes numerous problems at the end of each chapter aimed at both testing and extending student's knowledge.

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Basic Concepts in Astrophysics.

Properties of Matter and Radiation.

Heat Transfer in Stars.

Thermonuclear Fusion in Stars.

Stellar Structure.

The Endpoints of Stellar Evolution.


Hints to Selected Problems.