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The Portable MBA in Economics

The Portable MBA in Economics

Philip K. Y. Young, John J. McAuley

ISBN: 978-0-471-59526-7

Apr 1994

304 pages

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This essential addition to the acclaimed Portable MBA Series contains an important group of concepts and skills in order to understand the business environment along with a framework for making business decisions. Demonstrates how to assess economic news and apply this information to business forecasting and such problems as pricing product and whether to initiate a marketing campaign. Features an economic tool kit which explains economic indicators, the Federal Reserve's role, foreign trade and exchange rates, how to analyze demand for a product and pricing cost benefit evaluation. Includes numerous examples and case studies.
Business and Economics.


Measuring Economic Activity.

The Business Cycle.

Producing Goods and Services.

Inflation and Unemployment.

Economic Lubricants.

A Borderless World.


Understanding the Market Process.

Consumer Respnse.

Producer Response.

Putting It All Together.