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The Portable MBA in Marketing, 2nd Edition



The Portable MBA in Marketing, 2nd Edition

Charles D. Schewe, Alexander Hiam

ISBN: 978-0-471-19367-8 April 1998 512 Pages


Companies flying high on economic good times may be in danger of forgetting the business fundamentals that underlie their success. Increased focus on the bottom line, competitive strategies, and financial goals divert attention from the primary source of every company's good fortune-the customer. The Portable MBA in Marketing, Second Edition is dedicated to the principle that the only guarantee for continued success is a consistent focus on and attention to customer needs, preferences, and expectations.

This powerful tool for business success in the twenty-first century furnishes bright, ambitious managers with a solid grounding in MBA-level marketing theory and practice. Fully updated and expanded, this new edition emphasizes fresh marketing strategies and cutting-edge marketing concepts and techniques that help keep you in touch with your customers. It focuses on the key issues facing companies today, including how to outperform competitors, anticipate future trends, improve advertising and sales, build customer loyalty, and market on the Internet.

Witty, well-written, and packed with plenty of new real-world examples, The Portable MBA in Marketing, Second Edition brings you up to date with the latest marketing ideas and techniques, including:
* New negotiation skills for salespeople
* Current marketing strategies
* Innovative approaches to qualitative research that deepen your understanding of your customers
* Hot topics such as cohort marketing, person-to-person marketing, and marketing on the Internet.

Written by two leading educators/marketing consultants and drawing material from the world's finest MBA programs, The Portable MBA in Marketing, Second Edition covers all the marketing innovations of the past decade in an engaging, accessible format that gets you to the information you need quickly and easily. It's the fastest way to give yourself the intellectual currency you need to market your products, services, and ideas at a whole new level.

The Portable MBA Series

The Portable MBA, with over 350,000 copies sold, continues to provide instant "MBA literacy" to managers, professionals, and business owners. Wiley's Portable MBA Series now takes this idea one step further by providing readers with a continuing business education. Titles provide comprehensive coverage of the primary business functions taught in MBA programs, as well as focused coverage of today's vital business topics.

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Vital Business Topics

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* New Product Development
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Praise for ThePORTABLE MBA in Marketing, second edition

"I'm really 'gung-ho' about this book. If you follow its advice, your customers will become your 'raving fans.' Everyone needs to understand and apply these essential principles to attract and retain delighted customers." -Ken Blanchard author of the bestseller The One Minute Manager.

"Helps you keep your eye on the all-important marketing ball. Infused with turbocharged examples and the latest cutting-edge concepts. . . . [You'll learn] winning strategies and actions that will propel you successfully well beyond the millennium. This fully revised book will do wonders to improve your marketing game!" -Scott H. Creelman, Executive Vice President Spalding Sports Worldwide.

The Essence of Marketing: The Customer First, Last, and Always.

Marketing and Strategy: Using Tested Concepts and New Ideas for Marketing Strategy.

The International Challenge: Planting Your Flag Abroad-and Helping It Take Root.


Marketing Research and Information: The Search for Customer Insight.

Profiling Markets and Forecasting Sales: The Art and Science Behind the Numbers.

Understanding Buyer Behavior: Customers on the Couch.

Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning: From Mass Marketing to One-to-One with the Customer.


Product Development: The Business of Innovation.

Product Management: Birth, Death, and Sometimes Resurrection.

The Nature of Pricing: Making Money and Capturing the Customer.

The Distribution Function: Innovative Guidelines for Profitability.

Promotiom: The Many Faces of Marketing.