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The Power In / Of Language

David R. Cole (Editor), Linda J. Graham (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-34316-6 January 2012 Wiley-Blackwell 172 Pages


The Power In/Of Language features a collection of essays that analyse the ways in which language is utilized in contemporary education revealing its deeply entrenched power relationships.
  • Features essays grounded in theoretical rigor that offer critical insights into contemporary educational practice
  • Provides educators with fresh new perspectives on language in education
  • Based on the latest research data
Notes on Contributors vii

Foreword ix

Introduction x
David R. Cole and Linda J. Graham

1 The Actions of Affect in Deleuze: Others using language and the language that we make ...
David R. Cole 1

2 Manufacturing Consent: A corpus-based critical discourse analysis of New Labour’s educational governance
Jane Mulderrig 13

3 ‘Relative Ignorance’: Lingua and linguaggio in Gramsci’s concept of a formative aesthetic as a concern for power
John Baldacchino 29

4 Beyond Discourse? Using Deleuze and Guattari’s schizoanalysis to explore affective assemblages, heterosexually striated space and lines of flight online and at school
Jessica Ringrose 48

5 Will They Ever Speak with Authority? Race, post-coloniality and the symbolic violence of language
Awad Ibrahim 68

6 Romantic Agrarianism and Movement Education in the United States: Examining the discursive politics of learning disability science
Scot Danforth 85

7 Lost in Translation: The power of language
Sandy Farquhar & Peter Fitzsimons 101

8 The Product of Text and ‘Other’ Statements: Discourse analysis and the critical use of Foucault
Linda J. Graham 112

9 After the Glow: Race ambivalence and other educational prognoses
Zeus Leonardo 124

Index 148