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The Power Presenter: Technique, Style, and Strategy from America's Top Speaking Coach

The Power Presenter: Technique, Style, and Strategy from America's Top Speaking Coach

Jerry Weissman

ISBN: 978-0-470-37648-5

Feb 2009

272 pages

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Learn the successful presentation techniques used in over 500 IPO road shows and featured in The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company.

Jerry Weissman is the presentations coach to Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and many of America's top executives, including founding Yahoo CEO Tim Koogle, Intuit founder Scott Cook, Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings, and many others. The San Jose Mercury News says that Weissman's IPO presentation coaching "is worth 10% on a company stock." Learn why your body language and voice are more important than your words, how to present with poise and confidence naturally, and how to connect with any audience emotionally. Filled with illustrative case studies of Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, John F. Kennedy, and many others, The Power Presenter will bring out the best in anyone who has to stand and deliver.

Readers of The Power Presenter will have access to video clips referenced in the book.

PREFACE The Wrong Way and the Right Way to Coach Presentations xiii
Case Study: Dizzy Gillespie

INTRODUCTION How Speaking Style and Delivery Can Raise the Value of an IPO xvii
Case Studies: Cisco Systems; Isilon Systems; Two Weeks of an IPO Road Show;

CHAPTER 1 Your Actions Speak Louder than Your Words 1
Case Studies: Ronald Reagan; Dr. Sacks’ Aphasic Patients; Nikita Khrushchev; Marcel Marceau

CHAPTER 2 The Crucial Task: Creating Audience Empathy 15
Case Studies: The Deer in the Headlights Revisited; Shocking British Couples; Italian Laboratory Monkeys; Robert Krulwich; Bob Dole; Gray Davis versus Arnold Schwarzenegger; Barack Obama

CHAPTER 3 The Butterflies in Your Stomach 27
Case Study: September Morn

CHAPTER 4 How to Prepare Your Content 35
Case Studies: Will Poole and Jeff Raikes, Microsoft; Patrick McGovern, IDG

CHAPTER 5 You Can Be a Power Presenter—Charisma Not Required 45
Case Studies: The Transformations of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton

CHAPTER 6 The Mental Method of Presenting: Make the Butterflies Fly in Formation 57
Case Studies: The Actors Studio;Barack Obama versus Hillary Rodham Clinton; Libby Dole; Carly Simon; Marya McCabe, Microsoft; Lawrence Steinman, MD; The Squinting Woman

CHAPTER 7 Learn to Speak with Your Body Language 81
Case Studies: Joe Moglia, TD Ameritrade; Marshall Klaus, MD; Sir Isaac Newton; Generals Richard Neal and H. Norman Schwarzkopf; The Kennedy-Nixon Debate

CHAPTER 8 Control Your Cadence 115
Case Studies: The Frenchman Who Paused; Jazz Artists Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Amanda Carr, and Dizzy Gillespie;General Israel Putnam; Ludwig van Beethoven; Dr. Krzysztof Izdebski and Claude Steinberg, Pacific Voice and Speech Foundation; Leonard Bernstein; Lorin Maazel; The Further Transformation of George W. Bush

CHAPTER 9 Masters of the Game 145
Case Studies: Sir Winston Churchill; John F. Kennedy; Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.; Reverend Billy Graham; Ronald Reagan; Barack Obama

CHAPTER 10 What Every Speaker Can Learn from Barack Obama 163
Case Studies: Abraham Lincoln; John F. Kennedy; Sir Winston Churchill; Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.; Ronald Reagan; John McCain

CHAPTER 11 Graphics Synchronization 179
Case Studies: Federico Fellini; Olivier Fontana, Microsoft; Bill Jasper, Dolby Laboratories; Goldman Sachs

CHAPTER 12 Graphics and Narrative 199
Case Studies: Leslie Culbertson, Intel; Katherine Crothall, PhD, Animas; Eric Tardif, Piper Jaffray; Abraham Lincoln

CHAPTER 13 The Power Presentations Pyramid 211
Case Study: The NAFTA Debate: Al Gore vs. Ross Perot

CHAPTER 14 Coda—Ending with the Beginning 227
Case Studies: Ronald Reagan and Joe Moglia Reprised; Cindy Burgdorf, SanDisk