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The Power of Example: Anthropological Explorations in Persuasion, Evocation and Imitation



The Power of Example: Anthropological Explorations in Persuasion, Evocation and Imitation

Andreas Bandak (Editor), Lars Højer (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-11832-9 July 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 212 Pages


The Power of Example is an interdisciplinary examination of the integral role that examples and exemplification play in anthropological theory and practice.

  • Explores the evocative and persuasive power, both positive and negative, of ‘exemplary examples’ in social life
  • Includes contributions from established and up-and-coming anthropologists, as well as leading scholars of religious and cultural studies
  • Features an international array of case studies on exemplification from Left radical activists in Denmark to scientific metrological practice in Brazil




Notes on Contributors
Introduction: the power of example (Lars Højer and Andreas Bandak)

  1. Ritual, value, and example: on the perfection of cultural representations (Joel Robbins)
  2. The burden of being exemplary: national sentiments, awkward witnessing, and womanhood in occupied Palestine (Lotte Buch Segal)
  3. Exemplary series and Christian typology: modelling on sainthood in Damascus (Andreas Bandak)
  4. Double standards: examples and exceptions in scientific metrological practices in Brazil (Antonia Walford)
  5. Revolution is the way you eat: exemplification among left radical activists in Denmark and in anthropology (Stine Krøijer)
  6. The failed image and the possessed: examples of invisibility in visual anthropology and Islam (Christian Suhr)
  7. Paradoxical paradigms: moral reasoning, inspiration, and problems of knowing among Orthodox Christian monastics (Alice Forbess)
  8. How to do things with examples: Sufis, dreams, and anthropology (Amira Mittermaier)
  9. Anthropological tropes and historical tricksters: pilgrimage as an ‘example’ of persuasion (Simon Coleman)
  10. Of figures and types: brokering knowledge and migration in Indonesia and beyond (Johan Lindquist)