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The Practical CIO: A Common Sense Guide for Successful IT Leadership

The Practical CIO: A Common Sense Guide for Successful IT Leadership

Jose Carlos Eiras, Tony Scott

ISBN: 978-1-119-20411-4

Sep 2015

272 pages

Select type: O-Book



"The insights and stories collected in this book are invaluable. It is filled with useful advice that will help CIOs respond successfully to the challenges and opportunities of rapidly changing global markets. The Practical CIO is pure gold."
—Eric Chow, CIO Asia, Standard Chartered Bank

"José is one of a handful of global CIOs who genuinely understand the crucial need for developing formal IT strategies and managing IT investments in ways that make sense for the business. Many CIOs still focus on the specific needs of IT and lose sight of the big picture. José knows from firsthand experience that successful CIOs leverage the power of IT to support the business and drive its growth."
—Beth Kirkpatrick, former vice president, EDS Europe

"This book shows CIOs how to act like CEOs. In today's ultracompetitive markets, that kind of guidance is priceless."
—Mindy Cunningham, Regional Managing Director, Resources Global Professionals

"I have known José Carlos Eiras for more than three decades, and in my opinion, his combination of vision and intelligence is truly unique. Senior executives responsible for managing information technology investments will find this book extremely useful. I highly recommend this book."
—Michael Moran, former chief financial officer, Kibon, Brazil

"José is smart, skilled, and savvy. Anyone with a stake in the IT industry will learn valuable lessons from this excellent new book."
—Mike Barlow, coauthor of Partnering with the CIO

If it looks like IT, feels like IT, and smells like IT, then it is IT … and you're responsible for it

Never before have CIOs faced the kind of tough decisions they are being forced to make as the economy undergoes incredibly rapid shifts. The ultimate road map to a "new normal," The Practical CIO: A Common Sense Guide for Successful IT Leadership is your common sense guide for successful IT leadership, delivering exactly the kind of hard-nosed, actionable advice that will keep your career on an upward path.




Chapter 1 Build a Great Team.

Chapter 2 Proactively Establish Goals for IT.

Chapter 3 Design the IT Strategy.

Chapter 4 Hold All of Your Vendors Accountable.

Chapter 5 Before Negotiating, Do Your Homework.

Chapter 6 Manage Contracts, Don’t Just Sign Them.

Chapter 7 Work With the Business.

Chapter 8 Manage and Market the IT Brand.

Chapter 9 Building Relationships Across the Enterprise—And Beyond.

Chapter 10 Act Like a CEO.



About the Author.


"High tech was once the back end of business strategy. The two are now one, says tech exec Jose Eiras, author of "The Practical CIO."  To get with the program, chief information officers should: Think like a CEO. Unlike other areas of a firm, information technology operates best "when it's managed like a free-standing business" as opposed to a service center, Eiras said." (, April 16, 2010)