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The Practical Guide to Project Management Documentation



The Practical Guide to Project Management Documentation


Project Management
The one-stop resource for project management documentation and templates for all projects
The success of any project is crucially dependent on the documents produced for it. The Practical Guide to Project Management Documentation provides a complete and reliable source of explanations and examples for every possible project-related document-from the proposal, business case, and project plan, to the status report and final post-project review.
The Practical Guide to Project Management Documentation is packed with material that slashes the time and effort expended on producing new documents from scratch. Following the processes in the Project Management Institute's PMBOK® Guide, this one-stop, full-service book also offers tips and techniques for working with documents in each project process. Documentation for several project/client scenarios is addressed, including internal and externally contracted projects. A single project-the construction of a water theme park-is used as the case study for all the document examples.
An included CD-ROM provides all the documents from the book as Microsoft Word(r) files. Readers can use these as a framework to develop their own project documents.
The Practical Guide to Project Management Documentation is an unmatched reference for the numerous documents essential to project managers in all industries.
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The Importance of Documents.


The Documentation Plan.

The Case Study Project.

The Order and Necessity of the Documents.

Items Not included in the Examples.


Chapter1. Project Concept.

Project Concept- Discussion.

Project Concept Outline.

Project Concept - Example.

Chapter 2. Business Case.

Business Case - Discussion.

Business Case Outline.

Business Case - Example.

Annex A. Water Park Cash Flow Analysis.

Chapter 3. Project Charter.

Project Charter - Discussion.

Project Charter - Outline.

Part 1. Project Governance.

Part 2. Project Details.

Project Charter - Example.

Annex A. Summary WBS and Schedule.

Annex B. Financial Estimates.

Annex B. Financial Estimates.

Annex C. Risk Assessment.

Annex D. Conceptual Design.

Chapter 4. Proposal.

Request for Proposal - Discussion.

Request for Proposal Outline.

Proposal Evaluation Plan.

Proposal Evaluation Plan Outline.

Request for Proposal - Example.

Proposal - Discussion.

Proposal Outline.

Proposal - Example.

Proposal Evaluation.

Proposal Evaluation - Discussion.

Proposal Evaluation Outline.

Proposal Evaluation - Example.


Chapter 5. Project Plan.

Project Plan - Discussion.

Project Plan Outline.

Project Plan - Example.

Chapter 6. Communications Plan.

Communications Plan - Discussion.

Communications Plan Outline.

Communications Plan - Example.

Chapter 7. Risk Management Plan.

Risk Management Plan - Discussion.

Risk Management Plan Outline.

Risk Management Plan - Example.

Annex A. Water Park Risk Description Forms.

Annex B. Water Park Risk Management Summary.

Chapter 8. Quality Management Plan.

Quality Management Plan - Discussion.

Quality Management Plan Outline.

Quality Management Plan - Example.

Annex A. Manual of Project Procedures.

Chapter 9. Procurement Plan.

Procurement Plan - Discussion.

Procurement Plan Outline.

Procurement Plan - Example.

Annex A. Architectural Design Detailed Evaluation Criteria.

Annex B. WBS and Procurement Schedule for Detailed Architectural Design Services.

Chapter 10. Acceptance Test Plan.

Acceptance Test Plan - Discussion.

Acceptance Test Plan Outline.

Annex A. Acceptance Test Schedule.

Annex B. Acceptance Test Method and Results.

Acceptance Test Plan - Example.

Annex A. Acceptance Test Schedule.

Annex B. Acceptance Test Method and Results.


Chapter 11. Project Meetings and Reports.

Team Status Meeting.

Team Status Meeting - Discussion.

Minutes of Team Status Meeting - Example.

Project Progress Meeting.

Project Progress Meeting - Discussion.

Status Report.

Project Status Report - Discussion.

Status Report Outline.

Status Report - Example.

Annex A. Tracking Gantt Chart.

Annex B. Financial Report.

Chapter 12. Risk Control Report.

Risk Control Report - Discussion.

Risk Control Report Outline.

Risk Control Report - Example.

Annex A. Project Risk Table.

Annex B. Risk Management Summary Table.

Chapter 13. Quality Assurance and Quality Control Reports.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Reports - Discussion.

Quality Assurance Report Outline.

Quality Control Report Outline.

Quality Assurance Report - Example.

Quality Control Report - Example.

Chapter 14. Problem Report and Change Request.

Problem Report and Change Request - Discussion.

Problem/Issue Management.

Change Management.

Problem Report and Change Request - Example.

Change Order Form - Example.

Chapter 15. Acceptance Report.

Acceptance Report - Discussion.

Acceptance Report Outline.

Acceptance Report - Example.


Chapter 16. Post Project Report.

Post-Project Report - Discussion.

Post-project Report Outline.

Post-Project Report - Example.

Chapter 17. Conclusion.

Appendix: About the CD-ROM.