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The Practice of Hypnotism, 2nd Edition



The Practice of Hypnotism, 2nd Edition

Andre M. Weitzenhoffer

ISBN: 978-0-471-29790-1 January 2000 672 Pages

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The field of hypnotism has greatly evolved in recent years. Sincethe publication of the successful award-winning first edition ofthis book, some 1,200 research and clinical articles on hypnotismhave been published in American journals alone and a multitude ofrelated books have been written. With so many importantcontributions in this field occurring in such a short time, thereis great need for a resource that reflects the current thinking andincorporates the latest techniques.

The Practice of Hypnotism, Second Edition is that resource,providing the most up-to-date information available on hypnotismand hypnotherapy. Written by Andre Weitzenhoffer, PhD, a leadingexpert in the field for over forty-five years, the book examinesthe past and present thinking about hypnotic phenomena in anobjective fashion. It provides valuable background information,ideas for future research, and a wealth of detailed, practicalinstruction for the production of hypnotic phenomena and thetreatment of a large variety of health-related problems.

Like the first edition, this book aims to present hypnotism from ascientific perspective. It also includes the bases upon which theauthor and others in the field have made their judgments, enablingthe reader to make independent determinations based on the mostcomplete information.

The Practice of Hypnotism has evolved from the original two-volumeset to a single, comprehensive volume in two parts: Foundations ofSuggestion and Hypnosis; Clinical Hypnotism and Other Applications.Each chapter presents basic material at a relatively elementarylevel, gradually moving into the more advanced material at acomfortable pace.

This Second Edition features a wealth of new information thatreflects the latest findings of research and clinical experience inusing hypnotism, including:
* Complete rewrites of chapters on measurements relevant to and onthe state of hypnosis
* New chapters on suggestion and suggestibility and the treatmentof anxiety
* A revised chapter on self-hypnosis, includ ing a detailedtraining procedure
* Expanded and reorganized material on the EricksonianapproachMajor revisions regarding the socio-cognitive and thecognitive-behavioral positions on hypnotic phenomena
* Suggestions for future research

For the effective, safe, and well-informed practice of hypnotism,The Practice of Hypnotism, Second Edition is the definitiveresource. It addresses the special interests and needs ofpracticing health care professionals, researchers, and otherprofessionals; those new to hypnotism; and seasoned readers lookingfor accurate facts and a different scientific viewpoint on thesubject. Like the first edition, this edition will also serve wellas a textbook for self-study or to complement courses.

A newly revised, thoroughly updated edition of the most completeresource on hypnotism and hypnotherapy.

Designed to help researchers, health care providers, and otherprofessionals safely and confidently produce and use hypnosis, ThePractice of Hypnotism, Second Edition is filled with the mostup-to-date information available on hypnotism and itstechniques.

Offering the same comprehensive coverage as the very successfultwo-volume set of the first edition, it provides highly practicalinstruction on producing hypnotic effects and treating a widevariety of health and behavioral problems, and examines currentthinking on these subjects. Written by a leading expert in thefield, this book reports on the latest research findings andclinical experience, and includes many sections that have beenextensively revised and expanded to cover recent developments.

Using Suggestion without Hypnosis.

Suggestion and Suggestibility.

The Induction of Hypnosis.

"Hypnosis," The State.

The Depth of Hypnosis and Related Matters.

The Production of Hypnotic Phenomena.

Autosuggestion and Self-Hypnotism.

Additional Clarifications.


Introduction to Clinical Hypnotism and Other Applications.

General Overview and Principles of Clinical Hypnotism.

General Procedures in Clinical Hypnotism: Preparation of thePatient.

Specific Procedures in Clinical Hypnotism: Anxiety and ItsTreatment.

Specific Procedures in Clinical Hypnotism: Somatic and RelatedProblems.

Specific Procedures in Clinical Hypnotism: Psychiatric andPsychological Problems.

Nonclinical Applications of Hypnotism.

Ericksonian Clinical Hypnotism.

The Future of Hypnotism.

For Further Reading.