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The Professional Bakeshop: Tools, Techniques, and Formulas for the Professional Baker

The Professional Bakeshop: Tools, Techniques, and Formulas for the Professional Baker

Wayne Gisslen

ISBN: 978-1-118-31410-4 July 2013 576 Pages


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The most comprehensive guide on the market for aspiring or professional bakers and pastry chefs and serious home bakers

This complete guide to the art and science of baking and pastry from Wayne Gisslen offers straightforward, practical guidance on the fundamentals of baking. Covering everything from how ingredients interact to mixing methods for doughs to step-by-step baking advice, this is an essential resource for professionals who want to brush up on technique as well as home bakers who want to take their hobby to a higher level.

The book offers a complete guide to the basics of preparing breads, pastry doughs, cakes, creams, icings, and much more. Throughout, step-by-step photographs explain key techniques while luscious illustrations of finished items offer plating and decorating suggestions.

  • Ideal for professionals and home bakers at almost any skill level, covering everything from the fundamentals of baking to the complexities of chocolate and sugarwork
  • Features nearly 750 recipes and variations, many including both large and small batch measurements
  • Written by Wayne Gisslen, bestselling author of Professional Cooking, Professional Baking, Essentials of Professional Cooking, and The Chef's Art and coauthor of Professional Garde Manger, all from Wiley

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This item: The Professional Bakeshop: Tools, Techniques, and Formulas for the Professional Baker

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Preface  8

Acknowledgments  10

Special Contributors  11

1 Introduction to Professional Baking 12

Formulas and Measurement  13

Measurements  14

Baker’s Percentages  16

Formula Yields  17

2 Fundamentals of Baking 20

Ingredients  21 Basic Baking Principles  44

3 Fundamentals of Yeast Dough and Artisan Bread 56

Lean Dough Products  57

Rich Dough Products  57

Laminated or Rolled-In Yeast Dough Products  57

Yeast Dough Production  57

Types of Dough-Making Processes  68

Controlling Fermentation  68

Bread Faults and Their Causes  71

Artisan Breads  72

4 Yeast Dough Formulas 80

Introduction to Handcrafted Breads  81

Crisp-Crusted Bread Formulas  81

Soft-Crusted Bread and Rye Bread Formulas  87

Sourdough Formulas and Specialty Breads for the Artisan Baker  92

Rich Yeast Doughs  105

Sweet Dough and Rich Dough Formulas  105

Laminated Dough Formulas  112

Fillings and Toppings  118

Makeup Techniques  124

5 Quick Breads and Fried Items 144

Quick Breads  145

Doughnuts  160

Fritters  165

Pancakes and Waffles  169

6 Syrups, Creams, Sauces, and Fruit Preparations 176

Sugar Cooking  177

Basic Creams  181

Dessert Sauces  196

Basic Fruit Preparations  202

7 Pies and Baked Fruit Desserts 210

Pie Doughs  211

Assembly and Baking  214

Fillings  218

Pie Faults and Their Causes  239

Baked Fruit Desserts  240

8 Pastries and Tarts 244

Pâte Brisée and Short Pastries  245

Puff Pastry  249

Éclair Paste  264

Strudel and Phyllo  269

Baked Meringues  276

Tarts and Tartlets  281

Special Pastries  290

9 Cake Basics 300

Mixing  301

Cake Formula Balance  310

Scaling, Panning, and Baking  311

Altitude Adjustments  314

Cake Formulas  314

Icings  336

Assembling and Icing Simple Cakes  349

Basic Decorating Techniques  353

10 Advanced and Specialty Cakes 360

Planning and Assembling Specialty Cakes  361 Procedures for Specialty Cakes  367

11 Cookies 390

Cookie Characteristics and Their Causes  391

Mixing Methods  392

Types and Makeup Methods  393

Panning, Baking, and Cooling  396

Petits Fours Secs  396

Formulas  398

12 Custards, Puddings, and Frozen Desserts 422

Custards and Puddings  423

Bavarians and Mousses  436

Soufflés  454

Churn-Frozen Desserts  456

Still-Frozen Desserts  466

13 Advanced Techniques 474

Introduction to Chocolate  475

Working with Couverture  476

Molding Chocolate  479

Chocolate Decorations  480

Chocolate Truffles and Confections  488

Marzipan  497

Pastillage  501

Nougatine  507

Boiling Syrups for Sugar Work  509

Spun Sugar and Caramel Decorations  510

Poured Sugar  514

Pulled Sugar and Blown Sugar  516

Boiled Sugar Confections  524

14 Plating and Presentation 530

Overview of Dessert Plating  531 Practical Plating Guidelines  533

Appendix 1: Metric Conversion Factors  562

Appendix 2 : Approximate Volume Equivalents of Dry Foods  563

Bibliography  564

Recipe Index  565

Subject Index  572