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The Professional Services Firm Bible

The Professional Services Firm Bible

John Baschab, Jon Piot

ISBN: 978-0-471-70441-6

Dec 2004

512 pages



Spanning everything from legal firms and architects to fundraisers and dentists, the professional services industry continues to experience spectacular growth yet remains largely undocumented in business literature. Until now.

The Professional Services Firm Bible is a sophisticated and comprehensive guide to running a highly productive professional services organization. Top consultants John Baschab and Jon Piot provide specific and sharply defined policies, practices and tools for each important aspect of managing the professional services firm, allowing you to assess current operations and develop a step-by-step plan for realising measurable productivity improvements. Further, the book will help you improve financial performance by managing costs, getting the most from external vendors and improving revenues.

The Professional Services Firm Bible is full of best practices, proven advice and practical techniques and includes a CD-ROM with customizable tools every professional services firm can use to achieve improvements.

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About the Authors.

SECTION I: Managing and Governing the Professional Services Firm.

1. Managing the Professional Services Firm (John Baschab, Jon Piot, and Robert H. Schwartz).

2. Professional Services Firm Benchmarking (Gina Gutzeit).

3. Partnership and Governance Structures (John J. Reddish).

SECTION II: The Front Office: Driving Sales and Growth.

4. Sales Management (Jana Carpenter).

5. Marketing and Business Development (Bryan J. Wick).

6. Service Line and Intellectual Property Creation (Thomas Marbach).

7. Proposal and Reference Management (Tim Bourgeois).

8. Strategic Partnering (T. Gregory Bender).

SECTION III: The Organization: Attracting and Retaining the Best Professionals.

9. Organization Structure (Frank Ribeiro).

10. Career Tracks, Compensation, and Professional Development (John Baschab and Jon Piot).

11. Professional Staff Recruiting and Retention (Brant C. Martin).

SECTION IV: Services Delivery: Taking Care of Business.

12. Service Delivery (D. Michael McDowell).

13. Resource Management (Joe Santana).

14. Risk Management and Quality Assurance (John Baschab and Jon Piot).

SECTION V: The Back Office: Efficient Firm Operations.

15. Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources (Jeffery B. Nemy).

16. Purchasing, Procurement, Vendor, and Asset Management (John Baschab and Jon Piot).

17. Information Technology (John Baschab, Craig E. Courter, and Jon Piot).

18. Real Estate and Facilities (K. Todd Phillips).

19. Legal Counsel (Scott M. McElhaney and Michael W. Malakoff).

20. Office Management (John Baschab and Jon Piot).

Appendix: About the CD-ROM.