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The Psychology of Criminal Conduct: Theory, Research and Practice

The Psychology of Criminal Conduct: Theory, Research and Practice

Ronald Blackburn

ISBN: 978-0-471-96175-8 September 1998 514 Pages


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Taken from published reviews: " Dr Blackburn has written a remarkably good book; indeed, the best book on the topic from either side of the Atlantic I have read. the breadth of the author s knowledge is nothing short of encyclopaedic. Not only psychology developmental and social, as well as clinical but also psychiatry, biology, philosophy, and law are addressed in this volume. Finally, the book is written with clarity, economy, and a lucid style. It is as inviting and user-friendly as any work of such complexity can be. I hope that it will find its way into psychiatry residency training programmes as well. It could do wonders for replacing turf-battles with common ground." Criminal Behaviour & Mental Health " The scholarly breadth and accuracy of this work are remarkable. There seems to be no important contribution to our psychological understanding of crime which Blackburn has omitted to discuss, including those approaches from sociological and social psychology which are frequently neglected in straightforward psychological treatments. Moreover, all approaches are intelligently and sympathetically discussed." Expert Evidence " The volume is infused with the author s enthusiasm for a social cognitive perspective on offending behaviour, but he also robustly defends the utility of the notion of personality traits. Overall, this book brings together a vast array of research and theory examined from the perspective of the clinician involved with the individual. It will almost certainly become the key background text for post-graduate courses teaching forensic psychology and would be a valuable addition to the bookshelf of any clinician with forensic concerns." Clinical Psychology Forum " This is undoubtedly an important book. The end result is a book of excellent quality, which I recommend most warmly to clinical psychologists, and indeed, to anybody who is interested in criminological psychology ." Behaviour Research and Therapy " This author is to be congratulated for having produced this impressive volume. It provides a comprehensive review which is critical yet well-balanced. It assumes no prior familiarity with the field, and specialists from many different disciplines will learn a great deal from it." Criminal Law Review
Crime, Criminology, and Psychology.

The Measurement and Distribution of Crime.

Social and Environmental Theories of Crime.

Biological Correlates of Antisocial Behaviour.

Familial and Social Correlates of Crime.

Personal Attributes of Offenders.

Aggression and Violent Crime.

Crime and Mental Disorder.

Sexual Deviation and Sexual Offending.

Forensic Psychology and the Offender.

Psychological Interventions with Offenders.

Treatment of Dangerous Offenders.

The Effectiveness and Ethics of Intervention.