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The Puzzle Addict's Book of Codes: 250 Totally Addictive Cryptograms for You to Crack


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The Puzzle Addict's Book of Codes: 250 Totally Addictive Cryptograms for You to Crack

Philip Carter

ISBN: 978-1-841-12727-9 October 2006 Capstone 224 Pages


The Puzzle Addict’s Book of Codes is part of a new series of fun books aimed at puzzle fans of all ages who need a fresh challenge after Su Doku and the rest. If you ever fancied being an expert code-breaker or indeed code-maker, this is the book for you. The puzzles start off fairly straightforward and work up to the fiendishly difficult as you become more familiar with how they work. 

Try this one for starters: The manager of a Spanish football team sends the following encoded message to one of his scouts in England indicating that he is interested in signing a British player. Who is the player? (Answer below)

Norwich City 3            Nottingham Forest 2

Aston Villa 4              Manchester United 3

Everton 1                    Yeovil Town 1

If you think that’s tough, wait until you get to the really hard ones!

Along the way, you’ll discover how to unravel codes, ciphers, deception puzzles, standard and keyed cryptograms, pangrams and many more. You’ll also learn a bit more about the greatest codes and cryptic messages of all time.  Answers to all questions are included if you get really stuck. So, get a pen and paper and get cracking!

(Answer: ROONEY. Take the numbered letter of each team in turn as indicated by their score)


1. Cryptograms.

Level One—Standard Cryptograms.

Level Two—Keyed Cryptograms.

2. Codes and Cipher Puzzles.

Level One—Warm-up Puzzles.

Level Two—More Challenging Puzzles.

Level Three—Very Challenging Puzzles.

3. Famous Codes and Ciphers.

The Enigma Code.

The Rosetta Stone.

The Lincoln Cipher.

Psalm 46.

The Beale Ciphers.

England Expects.

The Playfair Cipher.

4. Answers and Explanations.

5. Addenda.

Addendum 1 Morse Code.

Addendum 2 Nato Alphabet.

Addendum 3 Semaphore.

Addendum 4 Smiley Faces.