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The Pyrazines, Volume 41

The Pyrazines, Volume 41

Gordon Bruce Barlin

ISBN: 978-0-470-18869-9

Sep 2009

687 pages



Complete coverage of chemical literature on simple pyrazines recorded in Beilstein to 1929, and Chemical Abstracts through 1978 (volume 89), together with selected references to 1980. Describes their history, occurrence, biological activity and uses, and nomenclature. Classified primary syntheses of pyrazines according to the starting materials employed. Treats primary syntheses of pyrazine N-oxides. Details syntheses, properties and reactions of alkyl, halogeno, hydroxy, mercapto, amino and carboxy pyrazines and their derivative and related compounds. Extensive table lists known simple pyrazines, physical data such as melting points and boiling points, and references.
Primary Syntheses of Pyrazines.

Primary Syntheses of Pyrazine N-Oxides.

Pyrazine, Its C-Alkyl, C-Aryl, and N-Oxide Derivatives.

Halogenopyrazines and N-Oxide Derivatives.

Hydroxyprazines and Their Derivatives.

Mercaptopyrazines and Their Derivatives.

Aminopyrazines, Their N-Oxides, and Related Nitrogenous Derivatives.

The Pyrazinecarboxylic Acids and Related Derivatives.

The Ionization and Spectra of Pyrazines.

The Reduced Pyrazines.



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