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The Radical Aesthetic

The Radical Aesthetic

Isobel Armstrong

ISBN: 978-0-631-22053-4

Oct 2000, Wiley-Blackwell

292 pages

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This ground-breaking new work offers a spirited and severe critique of the turn to an anti-aesthetic in theoretical writing and asserts that it has now become an intellectual necessity to rethink the aesthetic and remake aesthetic discourse.
Introduction: A Case for Rethinking the Category of the Aesthetic.

Part I: The Hermeneutics of Suspicion and the 'Problem' of the Aesthetic:.

1. Cultural Materialism and Culturalism.

2. The Aesthetic and the Polis: Marxist Deconstruction.

3. Writing from the Broken Middle - Post Structuralist Deconstruction.

Part II: The Poetics of Emotion:.

4. Textual Harassment: the ideology of close reading, or how close is close?.

5. Thinking Affect.

Part III: Cultural Capital, Value and a Democratic Aesthetics:.

6. Beyond the Pricing Principle.

7. And Beauty? A Dialogue.

Part IV: Feminism and Aesthetic Practice:.

8. Debating Feminisms.

9. Women's Space: Echo, Caesura, Echo.


*Provides a severe critique of the contemporary anti-aesthetic movement.
*Points to the democratic and radical potential of the aesthetic.
* Forges an alternative aesthetic discourse.
* Draws upon a wide range of theorists and philosophers, and uses a variety of literary and artistic examples to reinforce the argument.