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The Remarkable Life and Career of Ellen Swallow Richards: Pioneer in Science and Technology

The Remarkable Life and Career of Ellen Swallow Richards: Pioneer in Science and Technology

Pamela C. Swallow

ISBN: 978-1-118-92384-9

Jul 2014

192 pages


This biography highlights the achievements of America's first professional degreed female scientist, Ellen Swallow Richards (1842--1911). The book takes the reader from Richards's childhood on a Massachusetts farm where she was schooled at home, to her internationally renowned successes in multiple branches of science.

• Schools, colleges, and libraries are searching for more books about remarkable, successful women. Richards paved the way for women to enter numerous fields of science previously believed to be the domain of men.
• Currently there is much emphasis on nutrition; Richards pioneered in this field, teaching the American public about fats, carbohydrates, proteins and calories at a time when scarcely anyone knew of their importance.
• Ellen Swallow Richards pioneered multiple fields of science and technology, opening doors for women to become chemists, biologists, geologists, ecologists, nutritionists, dietitians, science teachers, professors, and home economists.
• Richards began the ecology movement, particularly relevant in today's world as more and more attention is being paid to the health of our planet.

Foreword xi

Prologue xiii

Chapter 1 Ellencyclopedia 1

Chapter 2 Westford Ho 9

Chapter 3 Faith in Her Star 15

Chapter 4 Setting Sights 21

Chapter 5 Women Studying Together 25

Chapter 6 No Wasted Minutes 29

Chapter 7 She Will Not Fail 35

Chapter 8 Uncharted Ground 39

Chapter 9 Water Water Everywhere! 45

Chapter 10 Cupid Pops into the Laboratory 51

Chapter 11 Applied Scientists at Work 57

Chapter 12 The Woman's [sic] Laboratory 65

Chapter 13 Long-Distance Learning 73

Chapter 14 MIT's First Woman Instructor 79

Chapter 15 Pioneer for Public Health 85

Chapter 16 Under Water Again 89

Chapter 17 Environmental Activist 93

Chapter 18 Ever on the Go 97

Chapter 19 Health Food Kitchens 101

Chapter 20 Healthier School Lunches—Sharper Minds 111

Chapter 21 Launching a New Movement 115

Chapter 22 At Work to the End 121

Epilogue 133

Acknowledgments 135

Author's Note 137

Ellen Swallow Richards Time Line 139

Source Notes 143

Selected Bibliography 169

Index 173