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The Research Process in Nursing, 7th Edition

Kate Gerrish (Editor), Judith Lathlean (Editor), Desmond Cormack (Founding Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-52258-5 April 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 632 Pages


Comprehensive and thorough in scope, The Research Process in Nursing 7th edition provides everything you could want to know about research methods. This established textbook reflects the significant advances in nursing research and the importance of evidence-based practice, and provides an invaluable resource for both the novice and the more experienced researcher.

It includes practical information and advice on:

  • How to find and critique the evidence
  • How to choose the right approach
  • How to collect data
  • How to make sense of the data
  • How to put research into practice


Special features:

  • A clear, explicit and easy to understand text which links theory with practical steps in the research process.
  • Examples provided allow the reader to apply a variety of research concepts to theoretical learning and professional practice.
  • Incorporates chapters, research examples, and policy from a range of international countries, including Canada, Australia, USA and Hong Kong.
  • Provides detailed discussions around each example, which clearly link theory with practice
  • Easy to read for novice researchers and undergraduate nursing students, but at the same time provides sufficient depth and detail to be of value to experienced researchers and practitioners.

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Section 1 Setting the Scene

Chapter 1 Research and Development in Nursing 3
Kate Gerrish

Chapter 2 The Research Process 15
Anne Lacey

Chapter 3 Research Ethics 31
Martin Johnson and Tony Long

Chapter 4 User Involvement in Research 43
Janey Speers and Judith Lathlean

Chapter 5 Research for a Multiethnic Society 57
Sarah Salway and George T.H. Ellison

Chapter 6 Digital Technologies in Research 71
Susie Macfarlane and Tracey Bucknall

Section 2 Preparing the Ground

Chapter 7 Finding the Evidence 89
Claire Beecroft, Andrew Booth and Angie Rees

Chapter 8 Critical Appraisal of the Evidence 105
Angie Rees, Claire Beecroft and Andrew Booth

Chapter 9 Preparing a Research Proposal 119
Julie Taylor

Chapter 10 Planning and Managing a Research Project 131
Carol A. Haigh

Chapter 11 Gaining Access to the Research Site 143
Leslie Gelling

Section 3 Choosing the Right Approach

Chapter 12 The Quantitative-Qualitative Continuum 159
Annie Topping

Chapter 13 Sampling 173
Katherine Hunt and Judith Lathlean

Chapter 14 Grounded Theory 185
Immy Holloway and Kathleen T. Galvin

Chapter 15 Ethnography 199
Immy Holloway and Kathleen T. Galvin

Chapter 16 Phenomenological Research 211
Kathleen T. Galvin and Immy Holloway

Chapter 17 Narrative Research 225
Dawn Freshwater and Immy Holloway

Chapter 18 Experimental Research 237
Andrea E. Nelson, Jo Dumville and David Torgerson

Chapter 19 Surveys 255
Felicity Hasson, Hugh McKenna nad Sinead Keeney

Chapter 20 The Delphi Technique 267
Sinead Keeney

Chapter 21 Case Study Research 279
Charlotte Clarke, Jan Reed and Sarah E. Keyes

Chapter 22 Evaluation Research 291
Judith Lathlean

Chapter 23 Action Research 303
Julienne Meyer and Julie Cooper

Chapter 24 Practitioner Research 319
Bridie Kent

Chapter 25 Systematic Reviews and Evidence Syntheses 333
Andrew Booth, Angie Rees and Claire Beecroft

Chapter 26 Realist Synthesis 353
Jo Rycroft-Malone, Brendan McCormack, Kara DeCorby and Alison M. Hutchinson

Chapter 27 Mixed Methods Research 371
Joanne Turnbull and Judith Lathlean

Section 4 Collecting Data

Chapter 28 Interviewing 387
Angela Tod

Chapter 29 Focus Groups 401
Claire Goodman and Catherine Evans

Chapter 30 Questionnaire Design 413
Martyn Jones and Janice Rattray

Chapter 31 Observation 427
Jo Booth

Chapter 32 Think Aloud Technique 441
Tracey Bucknall and Leanne M. Aitken

Chapter 33 Outcome Measures 455
Peter Griffiths and Anne Marie Rafferty

Section 5 Making Sense of Data

Chapter 34 Qualitative Analysis 471
Judith Lathlean

Chapter 35 Descriptive Analysis of Quantitative Data 489
Stephen J. Walters and Jenny Freeman

Chapter 36 Examining Relationships in Quantitative Data 505
Jenny Freeman and Stephen J. Walters

Section 6 Putting Research into Practice

Chapter 37 Disseminating Research Findings 527
Kate Gerrish

Chapter 38 Evidence-Based Practive 541
Kate Gerrish

Chapter 39 Translating Research Findings into Practice 555
Kate Gerrish

Chapter 40 Future Trends in Nursing Research 571
Kate Gerrish and Judith Lathlean

Glossary 583

Index 591

  • 7th edition of a successful, established and internationally renowned textbook
  • Includes a brand new chapter on using new technologies in nursing research, ie social networking, video, new survey methods etc.
  • More practical in style and approach, with sign-posting throughout the book, a ‘how to use this book’ section, and a more accessible text design 
  • New chapter on ‘Taking Research Forward’
  • More practical guidance throughout, with exercises, activities, reflective questions, and practical research examples
  • Several more international contributors on board to further increase the book’s international appeal
  • Fully updated references and research examples throughout
  • Fresh perspectives/revamps of several chapters, looking at new and developing subjects in the field
  • An enhanced companion website, providing further additional support to both students and lecturers.