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The Responsible Conduct of Research

The Responsible Conduct of Research

Dore Beach

ISBN: 978-3-527-60400-5

Oct 2005

178 pages

Select type: O-Book


May human genes be patented? How can fraud be distinguished from error? Should freedom of research still be protected? Questions like these have recently been broadly discussed in general newspapers and magazines. They threaten to shatter the foundations of modern science.
This book shows that responsible conduct of research is possible. It provides the basis for the social capabilities required for present and future decision-makers in science and industry. Step by step it introduces the reader to the most common ethical dilemmas of science and offers a framework for their deliberation and resolution. At the end of each chapter, 'Questions for discussion' and 'case studies' establish the connection between the problems described and the daily work of the reader. Extensive lists of further reading encourage deeper examination of a specific question. Being a reference book for executives as well as a textbook for students, this book is a must for every scientist who wants free research to continue in the next millennium.
The author is director of the Responsible Conduct of Research Project and Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida. She teaches courses in Applied Ethics at several colleges.
Ethical Decisions and Moral Reasoning
The Ethical Aspects of Scientific Research and Society
Current Ethical Issues in Scientific Research and Society
The Ethics of Data Management
Responsible Laboratory Procedures
Responsible Mentoring, Training, and Supervision
Research Grants and the Review Process
Intellectual Property
Misconduct in Scientific Research
Responsible Technology Transfer