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The Road to Success: How to Manage Growth: The Grant Thorton LLP Guide for Entrepreneurs



The Road to Success: How to Manage Growth: The Grant Thorton LLP Guide for Entrepreneurs

Mendy Kwestel, Michael Preston, Gary Plaster

ISBN: 978-0-471-29688-1 June 1998 240 Pages


"An excellent road map for the entrepreneur . . . straightforward . . . has immediate application . . . provides insight into growing a company strategically."-Mike Valentine President BASYS Technologies
"Practical, useful, and interesting . . . clearly written by experienced practitioners . . . assist[s] entrepreneurs struggling with difficult reporting and systems issues."-William Murphy Chief Financial Officer Computer Horizons
"You must read The Road to Success. Failure to do so could be fatal . . . a map for every entrepreneur who wants to become a true chief executive officer."-Stephen S. Draizin Chief Executive Officer RAD Energy
Hard work, determination, and sheer force of will have started you on your way-to keep going, you need dependable guidance, flexibility, and a plan.
The Road to Success shows emerging entrepreneurs how to transform a one-person show into a powerful, smooth-running business enterprise able to continue growing long into the future. The professionals at Grant Thornton LLP help you:
* Create a strategic plan for growth
* Develop the management team and the communication systems you'll need
* Give up a little control and let other people do their jobs
* Avoid the pitfalls that often beset rapidly growing companies
If you want to drive your company toward manageable, unlimited growth, The Road to Success is the only way to go.
The Problems of Growing Entrepreneurial Companies.

Developing a Strategic Plan.

Building Your Team.

Developing a Management Information Reporting System.

Implementing Information Technology and Controls.

Planning for Succession.

Finding and Retaining Good People.

Forming a Board of Directors.